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All books of the series SpringerBriefs in Control, Automation and Robotics

2020 | Book

A Game- and Decision-Theoretic Approach to Resilient Interdependent Network Analysis and Design

This brief introduces game- and decision-theoretical techniques for the analysis and design of resilient interdependent networks. It unites game and decision theory with network science to lay a system-theoretical foundation for understanding the …

2018 | Book

Optimal Control of Energy Resources for State Estimation Over Wireless Channels

This brief introduces wireless communications ideas and techniques into the study of networked control systems. It focuses on state estimation problems in which sensor measurements (or related quantities) are transmitted over wireless links to a …

2017 | Book

Consensus Problem of Delayed Linear Multi-agent Systems

Analysis and Design

In the context of coupled-coordination control mechanisms, this book focuses on the delay robustness of consensus problems with asynchronously coupled and synchronously coupled consensus algorithms respectively. Moreover, constructive consensus …

2017 | Book

Model-Free Stabilization by Extremum Seeking

With this brief, the authors present algorithms for model-free stabilization of unstable dynamic systems. An extremum-seeking algorithm assigns the role of a cost function to the dynamic system’s control Lyapunov function (clf) aiming at its …

2016 | Book

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Energy Management Strategies

This SpringerBrief deals with the control and optimization problem in hybrid electric vehicles. Given that there are two (or more) energy sources (i.e., battery and fuel) in hybrid vehicles, it shows the reader how to implement an energy-managemen

2016 | Book

Bayesian Prediction and Adaptive Sampling Algorithms for Mobile Sensor Networks

Online Environmental Field Reconstruction in Space and Time

This brief introduces a class of problems and models for the prediction of the scalar field of interest from noisy observations collected by mobile sensor networks. It also introduces the problem of optimal coordination of robotic sensors to maximize

2016 | Book

Flocking and Rendezvous in Distributed Robotics

This brief describes the coordinated control of groups of robots using only sensory input – and no direct external commands. Furthermore, each robot employs the same local strategy, i.e., there are no leaders, and the text also deals with decentra

2016 | Book

Mixed-Integer Representations in Control Design

Mathematical Foundations and Applications

In this book, the authors propose efficient characterizations of the non-convex regions that appear in many control problems, such as those involving collision/obstacle avoidance and, in a broader sense, in the description of feasible sets for opt

2016 | Book

Networks of Dissipative Systems

Compositional Certification of Stability, Performance, and Safety

This book addresses a major problem for today’s large-scale networked systems: certification of the required stability and performance properties using analytical and computational models. On the basis of illustrative case studies, it demonstrates …

2016 | Book

Advances in the Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems with No Mode Observation

This brief broadens readers’ understanding of stochastic control by highlighting recent advances in the design of optimal control for Markov jump linear systems (MJLS). It also presents an algorithm that attempts to solve this open stochastic …

2015 | Book

Iterative Learning Control for Electrical Stimulation and Stroke Rehabilitation

Iterative learning control (ILC) has its origins in the control of processes that perform a task repetitively with a view to improving accuracy from trial to trial by using information from previous executions of the task. This brief shows how a clas

2015 | Book

Stability of Linear Delay Differential Equations

A Numerical Approach with MATLAB

This book presents the authors' recent work on the numerical methods for the stability analysis of linear autonomous and periodic delay differential equations, which consist in applying pseudospectral techniques to discretize either the solution o

2015 | Book

Analysis of Deterministic Cyclic Gene Regulatory Network Models with Delays

This brief examines a deterministic, ODE-based model for gene regulatory networks (GRN) that incorporates nonlinearities and time-delayed feedback. An introductory chapter provides some insights into molecular biology and GRNs. The mathematical to

2015 | Book

Analytic Curve Frequency-Sweeping Stability Tests for Systems with Commensurate Delays

In this brief the authors establish a new frequency-sweeping framework to solve the complete stability problem for time-delay systems with commensurate delays. The text describes an analytic curve perspective which allows a deeper understanding of

2015 | Book

Optimal Boundary Control and Boundary Stabilization of Hyperbolic Systems

This brief considers recent results on optimal control and stabilization of systems governed by hyperbolic partial differential equations, specifically those in which the control action takes place at the boundary. The wave equation is used as a

2015 | Book

Distributed Optimization-Based Control of Multi-Agent Networks in Complex Environments

This book offers a concise and in-depth exposition of specific algorithmic solutions for distributed optimization based control of multi-agent networks and their performance analysis. It synthesizes and analyzes distributed strategies for three co

2014 | Book

Safety Factor Profile Control in a Tokamak

Control of the Safety Factor Profile in a Tokamak uses Lyapunov techniques to address a challenging problem for which even the simplest physically relevant models are represented by nonlinear, time-dependent, partial differential equations

2014 | Book

Quantum Variational Calculus

This Brief puts together two subjects, quantum and variational calculi by considering variational problems involving Hahn quantum operators. The main advantage of its results is that they are able to deal with nondifferentiable (even discontinuous

2014 | Book

Tautological Control Systems

This brief presents a description of a new modelling framework for nonlinear/geometric control theory. The framework is intended to be—and shown to be—feedback-invariant. As such, Tautological Control Systems provides a platform for understanding fun

2014 | Book

Distributed Systems with Persistent Memory

Control and Moment Problems

The subject of the book includes the study of control problems for systems which are encountered in viscoelasticity, non-Fickian diffusion and thermodynamic with memory. The common feature of these systems is that memory of the whole past history per