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Steel in Translation

Steel in Translation 10/2015

Issue 10/2015

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Improving the reduction and ladle treatment of Electrosteel for rail production

N. A. Kozyrev, E. V. Protopopov, A. A. Umanskii, D. V. Boikov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

In-mold modification of iron: Influence of nanomodifiers on gray-iron performance. Part 3

V. A. Poluboyarov, Z. A. Korotaeva, A. A. Zhdanok, V. A. Kuznetsov, A. V. Samokhin

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Production of high-manganese steel in arc furnaces. Part 1

K. N. Vdovin, N. A. Feoktistov, E. V. Sinitskii, D. A. Gorlenko, N. A. Durov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Hot plastic deformation of 08X21H5T steel

M. V. Temlyantsev, M. V. Filippova, V. N. Peretyat’ko

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Modifying effect of BSK-2 barium–strontium carbonate in cast-iron production

I. F. Selyanin, A. V. Feoktistov, V. B. Deev, O. G. Modzelevskaya, A. A. Kutsenko

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Application of refractory coatings to converter linings by swirling technology. 1. Breakup of liquid slag with a swirling lance

A. N. Kalinogorskii, E. V. Protopopov, A. G. Chernyatevich, S. V. Feiler, V. I. Bagryantsev

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Influence of interstitial carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen on the plasticity and brittleness of steel

V. G. Gavriljuk

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Surface-alloy formation in film–substrate melting by intense pulsed electron beam. Part 2

Yu. F. Ivanov, Yu. A. Denisova, A. D. Teresov, O. V. Krysina

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Fragmentation of the grain structure of quenched rails

V. E. Gromov, K. V. Morozov, A. B. Yur’ev, O. A. Peregudov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Influence of the blast on the gas phase in the blast-furnace hearth

F. N. Moskalina

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Prospects for synthetic composites in arc furnaces

G. A. Dorofeev

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Ferroalloy production in Russia

L. I. Leont’ev, V. I. Zhuchkov, A. V. Zhdanov, V. Ya. Dashevskii

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Improvements in steel-strip quality

V. A. Nikolaev

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Heat treatment of rollers in the ShPS 30-80 ball-rolling mill at JSC DMPZ

M. M. Lam, A. I. Serov, A. A. Ternavskiy, G. S. Bazarova, Y. N. Smyrnov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Optimizing the matrix profile in a pipe-shaping press

S. R. Rakhmanov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Wear resistance of high-carbon steel with dry friction and abrasion

A. S. Tyuftyaev, V. B. Mordynskii, E. A. Zhelobtsov

01-10-2015 | Issue 10/2015

Production of new isotropic electrical steels at OAO NLMK

A. E. Cheglov, V. P. Nastich, A. V. Yaroshenko, V. A. Barybin, S. V. Bakhtin, M. I. Alymov, V. S. Yusupov, V. I. Parakhin, S. O. Chevashov

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