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Steel in Translation

Steel in Translation 6/2015

Issue 6/2015

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Production of generator gas from solid fuels

G. S. Podgorodetskii, Yu. S. Yusfin, A. Yu. Sazhin, V. B. Gorbunov, L. A. Polulyakh

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Influence of defects on the viscosity of liquid 32Γ1 and 32Γ2 steel

M. A. Borovykh, V. V. V’yukhin, O. A. Chikova, V. S. Tsepelev

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fast viscosity determination for high-temperature metal alloys

A. M. Povodator, V. S. Tsepelev, V. V. Konashkov

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Forging of strip by alternating deformation, with unchanged size and shape

A. A. Bogatov, D. Sh. Nukhov

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Influence of cold working on the wear of AISI 1020 steel in dry sliding contact at high current density

M. I. Aleutdinova, V. V. Fadin

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Titanium-nitride inclusions in steel melts: Thermodynamic calculations based on refined data

E. V. Lysenkova, A. Ya. Stomakhin

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Voltage control in a vacuum arc furnace. Part 2

A. G. Aleksandrov, P. A. Livatkin, K. A. Polozhentsev

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Rolling of rail profiles in a universal groove. Part 1

D. L. Shvarts

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Producing high-quality continuous-cast billet from pipe, bar, and wheel steel

S. A. Botnikov, A. G. Ryapolov

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Carborundum-bearing carbon reducing agents in silicon and silicon-ferroalloy production

V. P. Vorob’ev

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Thermal state of strip in ultrafast cooling

O. I. Trishevskii, N. V. Saltavets

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Improved calculation of the contact stress in strip rolling

G. L. Baranov

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Geometry of the plastic-deformation region in rod drawing

G. N. Gur’yanov, B. M. Zuev

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Stress concentration and strain hardening in structural steel

P. Yu. Volosevich, A. V. Shiyan

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