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Steel in Translation

Steel in Translation 8/2012

Issue 8/2012

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Dynamic combustion of suspended coal-water fuel from enrichment wastes in a turbulent furnace

S. P. Mochalov, I. A. Rybenko, P. S. Mochalov, S. N. Kalashnikov

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Gas-powder flow in a tuyere with external mixing

E. V. Protopopov, R. F. Kalimullin, A. G. Chernyatevich, P. S. Kharlashin

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Gas-dynamic flow in a turbulent chamber

V. D. Sarychev, I. A. Kuksov, S. P. Mochalov, A. E. Shendrikov

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Production of ultrasmall-grain metals and alloys by intense plastic deformation: New approaches in technology

R. Z. Valiev, G. I. Raab, A. V. Botkin, S. V. Dubinina

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Grain-boundary ensembles in ferritic-martensitic chrome steel

T. N. Vershinina, Yu. R. Kolobov, M. V. Leont’eva-Smirnova

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Nanostructural titanium: Its applications, structure, and properties

Yu. P. Sharkeev, A. Yu. Eroshenko, V. A. Kukareko, A. V. Belyi, V. A. Bataev

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Operation of counterflow coke packing in a blast furnace. Part 1

V. P. Puzanov, V. A. Kobelev

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

The metallurgical value of coke

O. S. Morozov, V. I. Yukhimenko, N. I. Yurin

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Reducing the central porosity of continuous-cast billet by modification of the solidification process

A. T. Kanaev, P. O. Bykov, A. V. Bogomolov, E. N. Reshotkina

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Monitoring the composition of normal electrocorundum melt by means of the constant phase voltage

A. A. Pedro, M. P. Arlievskii

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Geometric and structural strengthening of metal components

Yu. P. Gul’

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

The Bauschinger effect and the formation of microalloyed-steel properties in pipe manufacture

N. G. Kolbasnikov, O. G. Zotov, I. S. Martyashov, R. V. Sulyagin

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Quality assessment of structural steels

Yu. Ya. Meshkov, S. A. Kotrechko, A. V. Shiyan, V. I. Bol’shakov, O. P. Nosenko, A. V. Murashkin

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