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Strength of Materials

Issue 5/2021

Content (14 Articles)

Physicomechanical Aspects of Structural Steel Long-Term Service in Seawater

V. D. Makarenko, A. V. Boiko, S. Yu. Maksymov, Yu. V. Makarenko

Strength Criteria of Obliquely Wound Composite Tubes Under Biaxial Tension

A. N. Polilov, D. D. Vlasov, O. Yu. Sklemina, N. A. Tatus’

Cyclic Indentation Method Applied to Evaluating Surface Degradation of Cylinder-Piston Group Parts

J. Wang, H. Li, K. Grinkevych, R. Huang, J. Xu, G. Tsybanov, I. Tkachenko

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