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Studies in Big Data

Studies in Big Data
36 Volumes | 2014 - 2018


The series "Studies in Big Data" (SBD) publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of Big Data- quickly and with a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, research, development, and applications of Big Data, as embedded in the fields of engineering, computer science, physics, economics and life sciences. The books of the series refer to the analysis and understanding of large, complex, and/or distributed data sets generated from recent digital sources coming from sensors or other physical instruments as well as simulations, crowd sourcing, social networks or other internet transactions, such as emails or video click streams and other. The series contains monographs, lecture notes and edited volumes in Big Data spanning the areas of computational intelligence incl. neural networks, evolutionary computation, soft computing, fuzzy systems, as well as artificial intelligence, data mining, modern statistics and Operations research, as well as self-organizing systems. Of particular value to both the contributors and the readership are the short publication timeframe and the world-wide distribution, which enable both wide and rapid dissemination of research output.

** Indexing: The books of this series are submitted to ISI Web of Science, DBLP, Ulrichs, MathSciNet, Current Mathematical Publications, Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt Math: MetaPress and Springerlink.

All books of the series Studies in Big Data

2018 | Book

Guide to Big Data Applications

This handbook brings together a variety of approaches to the uses of big data in multiple fields, primarily science, medicine, and business. This single resource features contributions from researchers around the world from a variety of fields …

2018 | Book

A Comprehensive Guide Through the Italian Database Research Over the Last 25 Years

This book offers readers a comprehensive guide to the evolution of the database field from its earliest stages up to the present—and from classical relational database management systems to the current Big Data metaphor. In particular, it gathers …

2018 | Book

Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics Toward Next-Generation Intelligence

This book highlights state-of-the-art research on big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with related areas to ensure efficient and Internet-compatible IoT systems. It not only discusses big data security and privacy challenges, but also …

2018 | Book

Towards Analytical Techniques for Optimizing Knowledge Acquisition, Processing, Propagation, and Use in Cyberinfrastructure and Big Data

This book describes analytical techniques for optimizing knowledge acquisition, processing, and propagation, especially in the contexts of cyber-infrastructure and big data. Further, it presents easy-to-use analytical models of knowledge-related …

2018 | Book

Highlighting the Importance of Big Data Management and Analysis for Various Applications

This book addresses the impacts of various types of services such as infrastructure, platforms, software, and business processes that cloud computing and Big Data have introduced into business. Featuring chapters which discuss effective and …

2018 | Book

Quantum Computing:An Environment for Intelligent Large Scale Real Application

This book highlights practical quantum key distribution systems and research on the implementations of next-generation quantum communication, as well as photonic quantum device technologies. It discusses how the advances in quantum computing and …

2018 | Book

Granular Computing Based Machine Learning

A Big Data Processing Approach

This book explores the significant role of granular computing in advancing machine learning towards in-depth processing of big data. It begins by introducing the main characteristics of big data, i.e., the five Vs—Volume, Velocity, Variety …

2018 | Book

Nonparametric Kernel Density Estimation and Its Computational Aspects

This book describes computational problems related to kernel density estimation (KDE) – one of the most important and widely used data smoothing techniques. A very detailed description of novel FFT-based algorithms for both KDE computations and …

2018 | Book

Modern Algorithms of Cluster Analysis

This book provides the reader with a basic understanding of the formal concepts of the cluster, clustering, partition, cluster analysis etc.

The book explains feature-based, graph-based and spectral clustering methods and discusses their formal …

2018 | Book

Modeling and Simulation in HPC and Cloud Systems

This book consists of eight chapters, five of which provide a summary of the tutorials and workshops organised as part of the cHiPSet Summer School: High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications Cost Action on “New Trends in …

2017 | Book

Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing and Big Data in the 5G Era

This book reports on the latest advances on the theories, practices, standards and strategies that are related to the modern technology paradigms, the Mobile Cloud computing (MCC) and Big Data, as the pillars and their association with the …

2017 | Book

Internet of Things and Big Data Technologies for Next Generation Healthcare

This comprehensive book focuses on better big-data security for healthcare organizations. Following an extensive introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare including challenging topics and scenarios, it offers an in-depth analysis …

2017 | Book

Data Science and Big Data: An Environment of Computational Intelligence

This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date treatise of a range of methodological and algorithmic issues. It also discusses implementations and case studies, identifies the best design practices, and assesses data analytics business models …

2017 | Book

Internet of Things: Novel Advances and Envisioned Applications

This book focuses on a combination of theoretical advances in the Internet of Things, cloud computing and its real-life applications to serve society. The book discusses technological innovations, authentication, mobility support and security …

2017 | Book

Transparent Data Mining for Big and Small Data

This book focuses on new and emerging data mining solutions that offer a greater level of transparency than existing solutions. Transparent data mining solutions with desirable properties (e.g. effective, fully automatic, scalable) are covered in …

2017 | Book

Data Privacy: Foundations, New Developments and the Big Data Challenge

This book offers a broad, cohesive overview of the field of data privacy. It discusses, from a technological perspective, the problems and solutions of the three main communities working on data privacy: statistical disclosure control (those with …

2016 | Book

Rule Based Systems for Big Data

A Machine Learning Approach

The ideas introduced in this book explore the relationships among rule based systems, machine learning and big data. Rule based systems are seen as a special type of expert systems, which can be built by using expert knowledge or learning from rea

2016 | Book

Intelligent Agents in Data-intensive Computing

This book presents new approaches that advance research in all aspects of agent-based models, technologies, simulations and implementations for data intensive applications. The nine chapters contain a review of recent cross-disciplinary approaches

2016 | Book

Big Data Analysis: New Algorithms for a New Society

This edited volume is devoted to Big Data Analysis from a Machine Learning standpoint as presented by some of the most eminent researchers in this area.

It demonstrates that Big Data Analysis opens up new research problems which were eith

2016 | Book

Techniques and Environments for Big Data Analysis

Parallel, Cloud, and Grid Computing

This volume is aiming at a wide range of readers and researchers in the area of Big Data by presenting the recent advances in the fields of Big Data Analysis, as well as the techniques and tools used to analyze it. The book includes 10 distin