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Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics

Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics
14 Volumes | 2017 - 2021


The ‘Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics’ series showcases exceptional scholarly work being developed on the still unexplored complex relationship between entrepreneurship, structural change and industrial dynamics, by addressing structural and technological determinants of the evolutionary pathway of innovative and entrepreneurial activity.
The series invites proposals based on sound research methodologies and approaches to the above topics. Volumes in the series may include research monographs and edited/contributed works.

All books of the series Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics

2021 | Book

The Economics of Digital Transformation

Approaching Non-stable and Uncertain Digitalized Production Systems

This book takes an in-depth look at the economics of digital transformation. Presenting a variety of perspectives from experts, it deals with the socioeconomic changes associated with the digital transformation of production systems. The chapters …

2021 | Book

Entrepreneurship in the Fourth Sector

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Sustainable Business Models

“The fourth sector” is a relatively new sector that consists of for-benefit organizations that combine market-based approaches of the private sector with the social and environmental aims of the public and non-profit sectors. This book examines …

2020 | Book

Entrepreneurship and Family Business Vitality

Surviving and Flourishing in the Long Term

In order to respond to economic globalization and increased competitive pressures, companies need innovative, efficient and effective management strategies. Accordingly, this book explores various scenarios faced by entrepreneurs and family …

2020 | Book

Technological Progress, Inequality and Entrepreneurship

From Consumer Division to Human Centricity

Although there have been considerable technological advances over the past decade, particularly in terms of mobile applications, much remains unknown about their effect on societal progress. This book focuses on how inequality and entrepreneurship …

2020 | Book

Organizational Mindset of Entrepreneurship

Exploring the Co-Creation Pathways of Structural Change and Innovation

This book focuses on how to promote innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset within organizations in the context of structural changes. It highlights the importance of internal marketing of innovation and ideas among employees, of creating …

2020 | Book

Intrapreneurship and Sustainable Human Capital

Digital Transformation Through Dynamic Competences

This book elaborates on the combined challenges regarding intrapreneurship, sustainability of human resources management (HRM) and digital transformation faced by today’s organizations. Representing the first such attempt in current management …

2020 | Book

Regional Helix Ecosystems and Sustainable Growth

The Interaction of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

This book discusses the importance of innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems in supporting regional competitiveness. It also encourages academics, business professionals and policy-makers to rethink innovation ecosystems as drivers of regional …

2019 | Book

New Paths of Entrepreneurship Development

The Role of Education, Smart Cities, and Social Factors

Structural change is an evolutionary process that is often cumulative within territories, improving the quality of life and achieving higher development levels. At the same time, smart cities, education and social innovation are essential to …

2019 | Book

Collaborative Innovation Networks

Latest Insights from Social Innovation, Education, and Emerging Technologies Research

Collaborative innovation networks are cyberteams of motivated individuals, and are self-organizing emergent social systems with the potential to promote health, happiness and individual growth in real-world work settings.

This book describes how to …

2018 | Book

Collaborative Innovation Networks

Building Adaptive and Resilient Organizations

This unique book reveals how Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) can be used to achieve resilience to change and external shocks. COINs, which consist of 'cyberteams' of motivated individuals, are self-organizing emergent social systems for …

2018 | Book

Entrepreneurship and Structural Change in Dynamic Territories

Contributions from Developed and Developing Countries

Entrepreneurial ecosystems involve a complex synergy of factors, including social and structural changes that are frequently cumulative within territories, promoting the improvement of citizens’ quality of life and higher development levels.

2018 | Book

Rethinking Entrepreneurial Human Capital

The Role of Innovation and Collaboration

This book focuses on the specific traits and nature of entrepreneurial human capital and the extent to which it can be stimulated by entrepreneurship education – especially when these activities combine collaborative practices and innovation. It …

2018 | Book

Entrepreneurship and the Industry Life Cycle

The Changing Role of Human Capital and Competences

Adopting evolutionary and behavioral approaches, this volume presents the latest research advances in knowledge competencies and human capital, as well as the changing structural dynamics, highlighting their links with entrepreneurial activities.

2017 | Book

Industry 4.0

Entrepreneurship and Structural Change in the New Digital Landscape

This book presents the latest research perspectives on how the Industry 4.0 paradigm is challenging the process of technological and structural change and how the diversification of the economy affects structural transformation. It also explores …