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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry

Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry 6/2017

Issue 6/2017

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Influence of triazole stabilizers on the surface morphology of environmentally benign electroless nano copper deposition

P. BalaRamesh, P. Venkatesh, R. Thinesh Kumar, S. Jayalakshmi

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Effect of vanadium doping on electrochemical properties of carbon coated nano lithium iron phosphate for high rate applications

T. V. S. L. Satyavani, A. Srinivas Kumar, P. S. V. Subba Rao

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Methods for controlling the composition and morphology of electrodeposited Fe–Mo and Fe–Co–Mo coatings

M. V. Ved’, I. Yu. Ermolenko, N. D. Sakhnenko, S. I. Zyubanova, Yu. I. Sachanova

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Transport properties of solid solutions of хKYF4–(1–х)PbF2 system

Yu. V. Pogorenko, P. N. Pshenichnyi, A. A. Omel’chuk, V. V. Trachevskii

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Voltammetric responses of black radish enzyme preparation immobilized on kaolin and aerosil

K. D. Pershina, M. O. Khodykina, K. A. Kazdobin, S. V. Shulga

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Electrochemical and adsorption studies for the corrosion control of 6061 Al alloy using eco-friendly inhibitor

B. P. Charitha, Padmalatha Rao

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Root and shoot extracts of Ajuga chamaecistus subsp. scoparia as natural inhibitors for 304 stainless steel corrosion in strong acidic medium

Mehdi Shabani-Nooshabadi, Marzieh Kazemi-Darafshani

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Impact of supporting electrolytes on the stability of TiO2–Ti counter electrode during H2O2 electrogeneration

Raj Kumar Das, Animes Kumar Golder

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Wear and corrosion studies of Fe–B–Cr alloy coating on en 24 steel by HVOF thermal spray method

M. Shunmuga Priyan

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Corrosion inhibition behaviour of thiourea derivatives in acid media against mild steel deterioration: An overview

Prakash Shetty

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Electric discharge in the process for recovering the wastes of printed circuit boards

A. R. Rizun, T. D. Denisyuk, A. O. Domershchikova

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Elimination of irreversible effects during first charging of lithium battery anodes

Jiri Libich, Jiri Vondrak, Marie Sedlarikova, Josef Maca, Ondrej Cech

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