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05-09-2021 Open Access

Discrete collective estimation in swarm robotics with distributed Bayesian belief sharing

Multi-option collective decision-making is a challenging task in the context of swarm intelligence. In this paper, we extend the problem of collective perception from simple binary decision-making of choosing the color in majority to estimating …


Collective decision-making for dynamic environments with visual occlusions

For decades, both empirical and theoretical models have been proposed to explain the patterns and mechanisms of collective decision-making (CDM). The most-studied CDM scenario is the best-of-n problem in a static environment. However, natural …

03-08-2021 Open Access

HuGoS: a virtual environment for studying collective human behavior from a swarm intelligence perspective

Swarm intelligence studies self-organized collective behavior resulting from interactions between individuals, typically in animals and artificial agents. Some studies from cognitive science have also demonstrated self-organization mechanisms in …

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Swarm Intelligence is the principal peer reviewed publication dedicated to reporting research and new developments in this multidisciplinary field. The journal publishes original research articles and occasional reviews on theoretical, experimental, and practical aspects of swarm intelligence. It offers readers reports on advances in the understanding and utilization of systems that are based on the principles of swarm intelligence.

Emphasis is given to such topics as the modeling and analysis of collective biological systems; application of biological swarm intelligence models to real-world problems; and theoretical and empirical research in ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, swarm robotics, and other swarm intelligence algorithms. Articles often combine experimental and theoretical work.

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