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2022 | Book

System Architecture Design and Platform Development Strategies

An Introduction to Electronic Systems Development in the Age of AI, Agile Development, and Organizational Change


About this book

This book provides readers with a hands-on guide to system architecture design and platform development strategies for electronic systems. While system architecture design is a sub topic of systems engineering, the author discusses platform development as a matter of strategy, engineering efficiency and quality. This book helps readers by combining system architecture and platform development in a defined way, discussing processes and consequences in the context of the newest developments in technology, processes and management, such as artificial intelligence, agile development, and organizational change.

Provides first book to offer a combined perspective on system architecture design and platform development strategy;Offers a systematic, state-of-the-art description of all aspects of system architecture and platform development;Presents system architecture and platform development in the modern context of agile development and artificial intelligence, as it relates to product development in the electronics industry.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Today’s electronic systems range from small devices like simple Bluetooth speakers to highly complex systems like satellites or spaceships. Systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, processors are getting faster, and sensors are being increasingly introduced into our daily lives. It seems as though everybody is talking about artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, and the Internet of Things. Systems are increasingly connected, becoming larger systems such as smart cities and intelligent networks. How are those electronic systems developed? How can people organize themselves to create something like a spaceship and ensure that it does not fall from the sky when launched? How can people get together and develop something like a car navigation system, which today must integrate several subsystems such as a telephone, hi-fi system, personal computer, music player, cloud connectivity, and driver assistance? It sometimes appears to be a miracle how a development and fully implemented feature set reach the end and products are released and sold.
Tobias Münch

System Architecture Design

Chapter 2. System Architecture Design
This chapter defines system architecture design in context of systems engineering and electronics development. It covers several topics for preparing the design such as requirements engineering, team structure, processes, product life cycle, and project management. And it covers the architecture design in practice for systems, software, hardware, and mechanics in electronics development. Finally an example is provided.
Tobias Münch

Platform Development Strategies

Chapter 3. Platform Development Strategies
This chapter describes platform development strategies in context of electronic systems development with focus on reuse to increase engineering efficiency and quality. It covers several aspects such as business case, time to market, team setup, and how platforms can be successful or fail. It also covers the technical aspects of how to develop a technical platform regarding hardware, software, and system components.
Tobias Münch

AI, Agile, and Organizations

Chapter 4. AI, Agile, and Organizations
This chapter describes AI, agile development, and organizational change in context of system architecture design and platform development. It covers machine learning and AI basics and how they are related to architecture and platform topics. It also covers agile development methods and trends in electronics development. And it describes today’s organizational change and how the impact is on system architecture design and platform development strategies.
Tobias Münch
System Architecture Design and Platform Development Strategies
Tobias Münch
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