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Technology, Knowledge and Learning OnlineFirst articles

16-06-2018 | Original research

Educational Robotics in Down Syndrome: A Feasibility Study

Educational robotics (ER) uses robotic kits as a channel for education and collaborative learning in a play setting. Thanks to adaptability of robots, ER could facilitate inclusion of special-needs children, such as children with Down syndrome …

28-05-2018 | Original research

The Design Student Association “Etsidi-Design” as an Active Tool in the Participation of the Students in the Formal Education in the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development

The growth of technologies makes necessary redefining higher education. Students nowadays are more prepared to look up information all around the meanings, so we have to deal with new ways of teaching and collaboration. The creative capacity they …

28-05-2018 | Original research

Determining Students’ Views about an Educational Game-Based Mobile Application Supported with Sensors

The use of mobile applications which are developed for smartphones and tablets is increasing. They use special features of the devices such as integrated cameras, geopositioning, and location and orientation sensors. The purpose of this study is …

23-05-2018 | Original research

Students Vote: A Comparative Study of Student Perceptions of Three Popular Web-Based Student Response Systems

One way to use formative feedback to increase student engagement is through a student response system (SRS). Originally appearing as classroom “clickers,” very little literature exists concerning the ease of use, usefulness and integration, and …

27-04-2018 | Original research

Identifying Social Presence in Student Discussions on Facebook and Canvas

This study examines student discussion fora in a Master’s programme. Previous student evaluations of the course highlighted the students’ dissatisfaction with the technology chosen for communication and recommended the use of Facebook instead. In …

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About this journal

Technology, Knowledge and Learning emphasizes the increased interest on context-aware adaptive and personalized digital learning environments. Rapid technological developments have led to new research challenges focusing on digital learning, gamification, automated assessment and learning analytics. These emerging systems aim to provide learning experiences delivered via online environments as well as mobile devices and tailored to the educational needs, the personal characteristics and the particular circumstances of the individual learner or a (massive) group of interconnected learners. Such diverse learning experiences in real-world and virtual situations generates big data which provides rich potential for in-depth intelligent analysis and adaptive feedback as well as scaffolds whenever the learner needs it. Novel manuscripts are welcome that account for how these new technologies and systems reconfigure learning experiences, assessment methodologies as well as future educational practices. Technology, Knowledge and Learning also publishes guest-edited themed special issues linked to the emerging field of educational technology.

Submissions can be empirical investigations, work in progress studies or emerging technology reports. Empirical investigations report quantitative or qualitative research demonstrating advances in digital learning, gamification, automated assessment or learning analytics. Work-in-progress studies provide early insights into leading projects or document progressions of excellent research within the field of digital learning, gamification, automated assessment or learning analytics. Emerging technology reports review new developments in educational technology by assessing the potentials for leading digital learning environments.

Manuscripts submitted to Technology, Knowledge and Learning undergo a blind review process involving expert reviews and in-depth evaluations. Initial feedback is usually provided within eight weeks including in progress open-access abstracts and review snapshots.  

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