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12-01-2019 | Original Paper

Graduate Students Using Concept Mapping to Visualize Instructional Design Processes

This study was conducted to investigate concept mapping as an instructional technique to help student designers tackle complex issues in instructional design. Specifically, this study focuses on three dimensions: perceived learning, collaborative …

02-01-2019 | Original Paper

Comparing Instructional Event Sequences in Audio Podcasts with Low Versus High User Satisfaction

According to Gagne, instruction should follow the prescribed nine events of instruction, but that the sequence need not be absolute and that not all events are necessary. The purpose of this study was to determine to what extent are the prescribed …

20-12-2018 | Original Paper

PERFLECT: Design and Evaluation of an Electronic Development Portfolio Aimed at Supporting Self-Directed Learning

This design case describes the blueprints of an electronic development portfolio (PERFLECT) aimed at supporting the development of self-directed learning skills, including self-assessment of performance on learning tasks, formulation of points for …

15-12-2018 | Original Paper

Student Perceptions on the Role of the Classroom Environment on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

The physical classroom remains the one constant space where most schooling takes place and where everyday Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) practices in formal educational settings occur. While educational advocates have championed …

14-12-2018 | Original Paper

Quality Indicators for Auditing on-Line Teaching in European Universities

In recent years, e-learning and b-learning designs for graduate courses have proliferated in the European Higher Education Area. This paper includes the definition for a model for the assessment of the quality of on-line teaching based on an audit …

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