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Recognition and elimination of SSDF attackers in cognitive radio networks

The nature of cognitive radio (CR) technology creates a lot of opportunities for attackers. When an attack occurs, the function of the primary network is affected and thus the overall system performance will be reduced. In the present paper, we …


Joint power control and user scheduling for backbone-assisted industrial wireless networks with successive interference cancellation

In a backbone-assisted industrial wireless network (BAIWN), the technology of successive interference cancellation (SIC) based non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) provides potential solutions for improving the delay performance. Previous work …

Open Access 27-06-2022

16-ports indoor base station MIMO array for sub-6 GHz 5G applications

A typical 5G multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) system must combine a high number of antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to realize spatial multiplexing capability. In this paper, a wideband 16- element indoor base station (BS) …


Implementing attack detection system using filter-based feature selection methods for fog-enabled IoT networks

Internet-of-Things (IoT) has become an enthralling attacking surface for attackers to explode multitude of cyber-attacks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has transpired as the most menacing attack in the IoT networks. In this article …


BER and throughput performances of IEEE 802.11ay SC-PHY over measured 60 GHz indoor channels

The IEEE 802.11ay is an emerging system that will become a full member of the big family of the IEEE 802.11 standards in the near future. Compared to its predecessor IEEE 802.11ad, it promises to offer higher system flexibility and more reliable …

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Telecommunication Systems’ high quality articles examine the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design, and management of telecommunication systems. Periodic special issues are devoted to a single topic.

A sampling of topics covered in the journal includes performance evaluation of wide area and local networks; fiber optics and photonic switching; DSL, ADSL, cable TV and their impact; distributed group decision support systems; cost benefit analysis and economic impact of telecommunication systems; standardization and regulatory issues; and cellular, mobile, and satellite-based systems.

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