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Telecommunication Systems

Modelling, Analysis, Design and Management

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A survey on QoS routing protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET)

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is an emerging new technology and a promising approach for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domain. Many researchers focused on the creation of reliable, scalable and efficient routing protocols for VANET …


A parallel compact sine cosine algorithm for TDOA localization of wireless sensor network

A Parallel and Compact version of the Sine Cosine Algorithm (PCSCA) is proposed in this article. Parallel method can effectively improve search ability and increase the diversity of solutions. We develop three communication strategies based on …


Evaluation of energy consumption in routing protocols for opportunistic networks

Assessments on routing protocols for delay tolerant network (DTN) or opportunistic network considered various metrics such as delivery ratio, overhead and delay, but energy consumption as a metric is not well analyzed. Since the energy aspect is …


Anti-interference distributed energy-efficient for multi-carrier millimeter-wave ultra-dense networks

This paper investigates an anti-interference energy-efficient power allocation scheme in the multi-carrier millimeter-wave (mmWave) ultra-dense networks. To suppress the severe intercell-interference, this work proposes a novel interference …


Seamless Multicast : an SDN-based architecture for continuous audiovisual transport

For audiovisual network operators, end-users satisfaction is a major issue. This is the case for TDF who operates a nationwide network in France whose main purpose is to carry Digital Terrestrial Television streams. Such audiovisual content is …

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About this journal

Telecommunication Systems’ high quality articles examine the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design, and management of telecommunication systems. Periodic special issues are devoted to a single topic.

A sampling of topics covered in the journal includes performance evaluation of wide area and local networks; fiber optics and photonic switching; DSL, ADSL, cable TV and their impact; distributed group decision support systems; cost benefit analysis and economic impact of telecommunication systems; standardization and regulatory issues; and cellular, mobile, and satellite-based systems.

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