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Texts in Computer Science

Texts in Computer Science
70 Volumes | 1994 - 2020


Titles in this series now included in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index!

'Texts in Computer Science' (TCS) delivers high-quality instructional content for undergraduates and graduates in all areas of computing and information science, with a strong emphasis on core foundational and theoretical material but inclusive of some prominent applications-related content. TCS books should be reasonably self-contained and aim to provide students with modern and clear accounts of topics ranging across the computing curriculum. As a result, the books are ideal for semester courses or for individual self-study in cases where people need to expand their knowledge. All texts are authored by established experts in their fields, reviewed internally and by the series editors, and provide numerous examples, problems, and other pedagogical tools; many contain fully worked solutions.

The TCS series is comprised of high-quality, self-contained books that have broad and comprehensive coverage and are generally in hardback format and sometimes contain color. For undergraduate textbooks that are likely to be more brief and modular in their approach, require only black and white, and are under 275 pages, Springer offers the flexibly designed Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science series, to which we refer potential authors.

All books of the series Texts in Computer Science

2020 | Book

Guide to Efficient Software Design

An MVC Approach to Concepts, Structures, and Models

This classroom-tested textbook presents an active-learning approach to the foundational concepts of software design. These concepts are then applied to a case study, and reinforced through practice exercises, with the option to follow either a …

2020 | Book

Guide to Computer Network Security

This timely textbook presents a comprehensive guide to the core topics in cybersecurity, covering issues of security that extend beyond traditional computer networks to the ubiquitous mobile communications and online social networks that have …

2020 | Book

Guide to Intelligent Data Science

How to Intelligently Make Use of Real Data

Making use of data is not anymore a niche project but central to almost every project. With access to massive compute resources and vast amounts of data, it seems at least in principle possible to solve any problem. However, successful data …

2020 | Book

The Discrete Math Workbook

A Companion Manual Using Python

This practically-focused study guide introduces the fundamentals of discrete mathematics through an extensive set of classroom-tested problems. Each chapter presents a concise introduction to the relevant theory, followed by a detailed account of …

2020 | Book

Foundational Java

Key Elements and Practical Programming

Java is now well-established as one of the world’s major programming languages, used in everything from desktop applications to web-hosted applications, enterprise systems and mobile devices. Java applications cover cloud-based services, the …

2020 | Book

The Algorithm Design Manual

"My absolute favorite for this kind of interview preparation is Steven Skiena’s The Algorithm Design Manual. More than any other book it helped me understand just how astonishingly commonplace … graph problems are -- they should be part of every …

2019 | Book

Java in Two Semesters

Featuring JavaFX

This easy-to-follow textbook teaches Java programming from first principles, as well as covering design and testing methodologies. The text is divided into two parts. Each part supports a one-semester module, the first part addressing fundamental …

2019 | Book

Introduction to Intelligent Surveillance

Surveillance Data Capture, Transmission, and Analytics

This practically-oriented textbook introduces the fundamentals of designing digital surveillance systems powered by intelligent computing techniques. The text offers comprehensive coverage of each aspect of the system, from camera calibration and …

2019 | Book

Formal Languages and Compilation

This classroom-tested and clearly-written textbook presents a focused guide to the conceptual foundations of compilation, explaining the fundamental principles and algorithms used for defining the syntax of languages, and for implementing simple …

2019 | Book

Fundamentals of Image Data Mining

Analysis, Features, Classification and Retrieval

This reader-friendly textbook presents a comprehensive review of the essentials of image data mining, and the latest cutting-edge techniques used in the field. The coverage spans all aspects of image analysis and understanding, offering deep …

2019 | Book

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications

This must-read textbook presents an essential introduction to Kolmogorov complexity (KC), a central theory and powerful tool in information science that deals with the quantity of information in individual objects. The text covers both the …

2019 | Book

The Python Workbook

A Brief Introduction with Exercises and Solutions

This student-friendly textbook encourages the development of programming skills through active practice by focusing on exercises that support hands-on learning. The Python Workbook provides a compendium of 186 exercises, spanning a variety of …

2019 | Book

Essentials of Cloud Computing

A Holistic Perspective

This reader-friendly textbook presents a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects of cloud computing, from the origin of the field to the latest developments. Rather than merely discussing the cloud paradigm in isolation, the text also …

2018 | Book

Guide to Graph Algorithms

Sequential, Parallel and Distributed

This clearly structured textbook/reference presents a detailed and comprehensive review of the fundamental principles of sequential graph algorithms, approaches for NP-hard graph problems, and approximation algorithms and heuristics for such …

2018 | Book

Applied Scientific Computing

With Python

This easy-to-understand textbook presents a modern approach to learning numerical methods (or scientific computing), with a unique focus on the modeling and applications of the mathematical content. Emphasis is placed on the need for, and methods …

2018 | Book

The Discrete Math Workbook

A Companion Manual for Practical Study

This practically-oriented textbook presents an accessible introduction to discrete mathematics through a substantial collection of classroom-tested exercises. Each chapter opens with concise coverage of the theory underlying the topic, reviewing …

2017 | Book

Introduction to Computational Social Science

Principles and Applications

This textbook provides a comprehensive and reader-friendly introduction to the field of computational social science (CSS). Presenting a unified treatment, the text examines in detail the four key methodological approaches of automated social …

2017 | Book

The Data Science Design Manual

This engaging and clearly written textbook/reference provides a must-have introduction to the rapidly emerging interdisciplinary field of data science. It focuses on the principles fundamental to becoming a good data scientist and the key skills …

2017 | Book

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age

This engaging and thought-provoking textbook examines the ethical, social, and policy challenges arising from our rapidly and continuously evolving computing technology, ranging from the Internet to the ubiquitous portable devices we use to access …

2016 | Book

Digital Image Processing

An Algorithmic Introduction Using Java

This revised and expanded new edition of an internationally successful classic presents an accessible introduction to the key methods in digital image processing for both practitioners and teachers. Emphasis is placed on practical application …