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The Computer Games Journal

The Computer Games Journal 1-4/2021

Issue 1-4/2021

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-01-2021 | Research | Issue 1-4/2021

How Randomness Affects Player Ability to Predict the Chance to Win at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Piotr Gałka, Artur Strzelecki

04-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1-4/2021 Open Access

Digital Supply Chain Management in the Videogames Industry: A Systematic Literature Review

Stephen Kelly, Vojtech Klézl, John Israilidis, Neil Malone, Stuart Butler

03-01-2021 | Research | Issue 1-4/2021

An Interactive Multi-Agent System for Game Design

J. Kruse, A. M. Connor, S. Marks

04-01-2021 | Case study | Issue 1-4/2021

Exploring Virtual Reality Mechanics in Puzzle Design

Taneli Nyyssönen, Jouni Smed

23-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1-4/2021 Open Access

Gameplay Analysis of Multiplayer Games with Verified Action-Costs

William Kavanagh, Alice Miller

08-02-2021 | Research | Issue 1-4/2021

Probabilistic Cellular Automata for Granular Media in Video Games

Jonathan Devlin, Micah D. Schuster

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