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The Computer Games Journal

The Computer Games Journal 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

05-11-2019 | Research | Issue 3/2020

Efficient Exploration in Side-Scrolling Video Games with Trajectory Replay

I-Huan Chiang, Chung-Ming Huang, Nien-Hu Cheng, Hsin-Yu Liu, Shi-Chun Tsai

18-04-2020 | Research | Issue 3/2020

An Optimized Meta-heuristic Bees Algorithm for Players’ Frame Rate Allocation Problem in Cloud Gaming Environments

Seyed Javad Seyed Aboutorabi, Mohammad Hossein Rezvani

13-04-2020 | Correction | Issue 3/2020

Correction to: Revisiting the Twentieth Century Through the Lens of Generation X and Digital Games: A Scoping Review

Hannah R. Marston, María del Carmen Miranda Duro

25-04-2020 | Correction | Issue 3/2020

Correction to: Hermeneutic Inquiry for Digital Games Research

Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

22-06-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A. Drachen, P. Mirza-Babaei and L. Nacke: Games User Research

Oxford University Press, 2018, ISBN: 9780198794844
Connor McKee

25-06-2020 | Research | Issue 3/2020

Monitoring Simulated Worlds in Indigenous Strategy Games

Joshua D. Miner

13-07-2020 | Research | Issue 3/2020

CliNCare: An Educational Game—The Reasoning Behind the Graphic Choices and Their Impact on Player Opinions

U. Terton, G. Smyth, H. Wright

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