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2024 | Book

The Intelligent Safety of Automobile

Authors: Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang

Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore

Book Series : Key Technologies on New Energy Vehicles


About this book

The book expounds the current research and development trend of intelligent safety technology of automobile, and analyzes and excavates the new safety technology to the automobile. It introduces the basic theory, core method, key technology, main system, test evaluation and innovation practice of intelligent safety of automobile for readers, providing a certain theoretical and practical basis for the safety development of the automobile.This book is elaborated from the perspective of the driver-vehicle-road system. The traffic accidents are divided into three stages for discussion: before, during and after the collision. This book constructs a new systematic structure for Safety theory and technical system of several key links, including system safety, operation safety, intelligent protection and safety evaluation. It will be a useful reference for researchers and practitioners in the field of automobile engineering and auto pilot.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Intelligent safety of vehicle (ISV) refers to the whole process of safety assurance for reliable safety performance, controllable operation risk and effective collision protection of intelligent vehicle (IV) employing advanced theoretical approaches and technologies.
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
Chapter 2. System Safety
System Safety of Vehicles (SSV) aims to identify potential hazards of the whole vehicle, components, and algorithms with the application of relevant theories on safety systems engineering and approaches to system safety design, reduce system risks to an acceptable level with effective safety assurance measres and technologies, and subsequently achieve the best safety state within a specified range of performance, time and cost.
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
Chapter 3. Driving Safety
Driving safety of vehicle (DSV) refers to the realization of IV safety decision and control by means of quantitative evaluation and prediction over comprehensive driving risks, for preventing traffic participants inside and outside the vehicle from unacceptable risks.
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
Chapter 4. Intelligent Protection
Intelligent protection (IP) refers to the identification of collision severity and damage risk in dangerous driving scenarios based on damage mechanism and key influencing factors of human-vehicle system, and the adaptive adjustment of on-board safety systems for effective protection of traffic participants.
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
Chapter 5. Testing and Evaluation for Vehicle Safety
Testing and evaluation for vehicle safety (TEVS) is to measure, analyze and judge vehicle safety performance through a series of techniques and methods with reference to certain standards, and then make qualitative or quantitative evaluation conclusions.
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
Chapter 6. Prospects for ISV Technology
Jianqiang Wang, Bingbing Nie, Hong Wang
The Intelligent Safety of Automobile
Jianqiang Wang
Bingbing Nie
Hong Wang
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Springer Nature Singapore
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