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The Journal of Economic Inequality

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30-10-2021 Open Access

Absolute Poverty and Sound Public Finance in the Eurozone

The respect of fiscal parameters is supposed to be – according to the official position of the European institutions – the best recipe for granting stability and growth. This optimistic view appears to be in contrast with the recent increase in …

30-07-2021 Open Access

The measurement of health inequalities: does status matter?

Approaches to measuring health inequalities are often problematic because they use methods that are inappropriate for categorical data. In this paper we focus on “pure” or univariate health inequality (rather than income-related or bivariate …

30-07-2021 Open Access

Fair income tax with endogenous productivities and a fresh start

This paper considers a model in which agents have heterogeneous preferences over labour and consumption. Additionally, they also differ in their earning skills, which are a function of both an innate ability and an early investment decision. In …


Meritocracy in Academic Labor Markets: A Comparison of Three Fields

We analyze the pay of faculty members of economics, mathematics, and marketing departments at large public universities in the United States. Using the Web of Science, we have identified the journal articles published by these scholars and the …


Transformations that minimize the Gini index of a random variable and applications

Let X be a continuous or discrete random variable with values in [0,M] and consider all functions (here called transformations) q : [ 0 , M ] → [ 0 , ∞ ) $q:[0,M]\to [0,\infty )$ that are increasing and have given bounded rates B ≤ q ( v ) − q ( u …

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About this journal

The Journal of Economic Inequality provides a forum for economic investigations and analyses of the numerous questions regarding economic and social inequalities, both at the theoretical and the empirical level. Moreover, it explores the policy implications of the field’s research findings.

Among the topics addressed in the journal is the inequality of earnings and household incomes in the Western world. Moreover, the journal investigates the gap between rich and poor countries. Lastly, it examines inequalities in educational opportunities, health care, morbidity, and mortality, both within and between countries.

Officially cited as: J Econ Inequal

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