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The Journal of Economic Inequality

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10-10-2020 Open Access

Accounting for differences in income inequality across countries: tax-benefit policy, labour market structure, returns and demographics

This paper presents a framework for studying international differences in the distribution of household income. Integrating micro-econometric and micro-simulation approaches in a decomposition analysis, it quantifies the role of tax-benefit …


Elasticity determinants of inequality-reducing income taxation

The link between income inequality and progressive taxation has long been considered a fundamental normative foundation for income tax progressivity. This paper furnishes necessary and sufficient conditions on primitives, in terms of the …


Normative Measures of Tax Progressivity: an International Comparison

The relevance of tax progressivity measures to policymaking depends on whether they help assess the extent to which taxation leads to social welfare gains or losses. The social welfare implications of progressivity measures have yet to be explored …


A multidimensional approach to measuring the middle class

Middle class studies have gained relevance in the economic literature. Nevertheless, a profound lack of agreement on conceptual and methodological issues for its identification remains. Furthermore, it has mostly relied on only one dimension: …


Individual Attitudes Toward Government’s Role in Redistributing Income in the United States: Analysis by Ideological Subgroups

This paper tests whether effects of individual characteristics on redistributive preferences are constant across ideological subgroups. Using data from the U.S. General Social Surveys, we estimate ordered probit models for a full pooled sample …

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The Journal of Economic Inequality provides a forum for economic investigations and analyses of the numerous questions regarding economic and social inequalities, both at the theoretical and the empirical level. Moreover, it explores the policy implications of the field’s research findings.

Among the topics addressed in the journal is the inequality of earnings and household incomes in the Western world. Moreover, the journal investigates the gap between rich and poor countries. Lastly, it examines inequalities in educational opportunities, health care, morbidity, and mortality, both within and between countries.

Officially cited as: J Econ Inequal

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