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The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

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Borrower Risk and Housing Price Appreciation

Maintenance and improvements affect house values and thus the observed pecuniary return. Whether due to lack of liquidity or the presence of strategic incentives, some borrowers have a higher probability of default and this could lead to lower …


Investors’ Limited Attention: Evidence from REITs

This paper examines the degree to which the market prices of publicly traded firms reflect and respond to new information regarding the economic viability and vitality of organizations to which they are strategically linked. More specifically, we …

03-07-2018 Open Access

The Pricing of Spatial Linkages in Companies’ Underlying Assets

Spatial linkages in returns have not yet received much attention in an asset pricing context, however, they can capture important information about idiosyncratic externalities associated with firms’ holdings. We explain returns of real estate …


Affordable Housing and the Socioeconomic Integration of Elementary Schools

Children from poor families achieve more academically if they are enrolled in schools that are socioeconomically integrated, but low-income students are increasingly attending schools characterized by high concentrations of poverty. Providing more …


Flood Hazards Impact on Neighborhood House Prices

This study estimated the effect of flood hazards on residential property values by applying a hedonic price model to house sale data from 2007 to 2013 in the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Statistical Area. A difference-in-difference framework was …

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Recent times have seen an expansion of theoretical and empirical research on real estate using the paradigms and methodologies of finance and economics. Examples of this research include the working and structure of markets, the role of various institutional arrangements, the attention given mortgages and asset securitization, risk management and valuation, and public policy and regulation. The Journal of Real Estate Finance andEconomics provides a forum for the publication of this research. Coverage includes urban economics, housing, regional science and public policy.

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