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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 10/2019

Issue 10/2019

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

22-08-2018 | Issue 10/2019

Study on the country risk rating with distributed crawling system

Yuantao Xie, Wen Wang, Yabo Guo, Juan Yang

04-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

How good is the OpenPOWER architecture for high-performance CPU-oriented weather forecasting applications?

R. Moreno, E. Arias, A. Navarro, F. J. Tapiador

04-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A component-based study of energy consumption for sequential and parallel genetic algorithms

Amr Abdelhafez, Enrique Alba, Gabriel Luque

08-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Periodic learning-based region selection for energy-efficient MLC STT-RAM cache

Fanfan Shen, Yanxiang He, Jun Zhang, Chao Xu

09-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Comparative study between exact and metaheuristic approaches for virtual machine placement process as knapsack problem

Saloua El Motaki, Ali Yahyaouy, Hamid Gualous, Jalal Sabor

10-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

QoS-enabled TCP for software-defined networks: a combined scheduler-per-node approach

Yousef Darmani, Mehrdad Sangelaji

11-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

Investigating power efficiency of mergesort

Naif Aljabri, Muhammad Al-Hashimi, Mostafa Saleh, Osama Abulnaja

11-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

ESNemble: an Echo State Network-based ensemble for workload prediction and resource allocation of Web applications in the cloud

Hoang Minh Nguyen, Gaurav Kalra, Tae Joon Jun, Sungpil Woo, Daeyoung Kim

15-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A survey and taxonomy on virtual data center embedding

Ameni Hbaieb, Mahdi Khemakhem, Maher Ben Jemaa

15-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A methodology to assess the availability of next-generation data centers

Daniel Rosendo, Demis Gomes, Guto Leoni Santos, Glauco Goncalves, Andre Moreira, Leylane Ferreira, Patricia Takako Endo, Judith Kelner, Djamel Sadok, Amardeep Mehta, Mattias Wildeman

16-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Dynamic scheduling applying new population grouping of whales meta-heuristic in cloud computing

Farinaz Hemasian-Etefagh, Faramarz Safi-Esfahani

19-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Multi-objective virtual network function placement using NSGA-II meta-heuristic approach

Sanaz Tavakoli-Someh, Mohammad Hossein Rezvani

22-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Learning automata-based algorithms for MapReduce data skewness handling

Mohammad Amin Irandoost, Amir Masoud Rahmani, Saeed Setayeshi

23-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Job migration in HPC clusters by means of checkpoint/restart

Manuel Rodríguez-Pascual, Jiajun Cao, José A. Moríñigo, Gene Cooperman, Rafael Mayo-García

24-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

FOS: a low-power cache organization for multicores

José Puche, Salvador Petit, Julio Sahuquillo, María Engracia Gómez

29-04-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A calibrated asymptotic framework for analyzing packet classification algorithms on GPUs

M. Abbasi, M. Rafiee

03-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Token-based incentive mechanism for peer-to-peer video streaming networks

Zahra ImaniMehr, Mehdi DehghanTakhtFooladi

10-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A write-friendly approach to manage namespace of Hadoop distributed file system by utilizing nonvolatile memory

Won Gi Choi, Sanghyun Park

10-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

An image encryption method based on chaos system and AES algorithm

Alireza Arab, Mohammad Javad Rostami, Behnam Ghavami

11-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Integer linear programming-based multi-objective scheduling for scientific workflows in multi-cloud environments

Somayeh Mohammadi, Latif PourKarimi, Hossein Pedram

13-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019

A methodology correlating code optimizations with data memory accesses, execution time and energy consumption

Vasilios Kelefouras, Karim Djemame

18-05-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Time-sensitivity-aware shared cache architecture for multi-core embedded systems

Myoungjun Lee, Soontae Kim

05-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

SLA-RALBA: cost-efficient and resource-aware load balancing algorithm for cloud computing

Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal, Muhammad Arshad Islam

05-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Performance improvement of Apache Storm using InfiniBand RDMA

Seokwoo Yang, Siwoon Son, Mi-Jung Choi, Yang-Sae Moon

05-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Energy minimization in the STT-RAM-based high-capacity last-level caches

Elyas Khajekarimi, Kamal Jamshidi, Abbas Vafaei

06-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

S2DIO: an extended scalable 2D mesh network-on-chip routing reconfiguration for efficient bypass of link failures

Anugrah Jain, Vijay Laxmi, Meenakshi Tripathi, Manoj Singh Gaur, Rimpy Bishnoi

06-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Novel design of reversible priority encoder in quantum dot cellular automata based on Toffoli gate and Feynman gate

Jadav Chandra Das, Debashis De

07-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

An efficient energy-aware method for virtual machine placement in cloud data centers using the cultural algorithm

Mahdieh Mohammadhosseini, Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat, Ebrahim Mahdipour

08-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

MapReduce: an infrastructure review and research insights

Neda Maleki, Amir Masoud Rahmani, Mauro Conti

08-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

The survey on ARM processors for HPC

Daniel Yokoyama, Bruno Schulze, Fábio Borges, Giacomo Mc Evoy

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