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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 10/2021

Issue 10/2021

Table of Contents ( 61 Articles )

10-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Replication and data management-based workflow scheduling algorithm for multi-cloud data centre platform

Zain Ulabedin, Babar Nazir

10-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

Deep neural network-based fusion model for emotion recognition using visual data

Luu-Ngoc Do, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Hai-Duong Nguyen, Soo-Hyung Kim, Guee-Sang Lee, In-Seop Na

12-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A study on VAL platform for 5G network for large-capacity data transmission

Hae-Jong Joo, Hwa-Young Jeong

12-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A user-centric intelligent context-aware system for realizing internet-of-things environments

Kwanhee Kim, Jaehwan Lee, Kyoungchan Kim, Sangoh Park

12-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A stealing mechanism for delegation methods

Zhengming Yi, Yiping Yao

15-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A novel dual-biological-community swarm intelligence algorithm with a commensal evolution strategy for multimodal problems

Hui Ren, Xiaochen Shen, Xiaojun Jia

15-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Distributed and incremental travelling salesman algorithm on time-evolving graphs

Shalini Sharma, Jerry Chou

15-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Research on GPU parallel algorithm for direct numerical solution of two-dimensional compressible flows

Yongzhen Wang, Xuefeng Yan, Jun’an Zhang

15-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Mid-term electricity load prediction using CNN and Bi-LSTM

M. Junaid Gul, Gul Malik Urfa, Anand Paul, Jihoon Moon, Seungmin Rho, Eenjun Hwang

15-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

SDLER: stacked dedupe learning for entity resolution in big data era

Alladoumbaye Ngueilbaye, Hongzhi Wang, Daouda Ahmat Mahamat, Ibrahim A. Elgendy

16-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Cyberattack detection model using deep learning in a network log system with data visualization

Jung-Chun Liu, Chao-Tung Yang, Yu-Wei Chan, Endah Kristiani, Wei-Je Jiang

16-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Navigation in the social internet-of-things (SIoT) for discovering the influential service-providers using distributed learning automata

Javad Pashaei Barbin, Saleh Yousefi, Behrooz Masoumi

17-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Distributed stochastic principal component analysis using stabilized Barzilai-Borwein step-size for data compression with WSN

Pei Heng Li, Hee Yong Youn

17-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

E2LG: a multiscale ensemble of LSTM/GAN deep learning architecture for multistep-ahead cloud workload prediction

Peyman Yazdanian, Saeed Sharifian

18-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Deep learning-based algorithm for vehicle detection in intelligent transportation systems

Linrun Qiu, Dongbo Zhang, Yuan Tian, Najla Al-Nabhan

19-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A bio-inspired privacy-preserving framework for healthcare systems

Chandramohan Dhasarathan, Manish Kumar, Atul Kumar Srivastava, Fadi Al-Turjman, Achyut Shankar, Manoj Kumar

19-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Improving the energy-efficiency of virtual machines by I/O compensation

Peng Xiao, Zhenyu Ni, Dongbo Liu, Zhigang Hu

19-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Optimized area efficient quantum dot cellular automata based reversible code converter circuits: design and energy performance estimation

Aishwarya Kaity, Sangeeta Singh

22-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

An efficient parallel indexing structure for multi-dimensional big data using spark

Manar A. Elmeiligy, Ali I. El Desouky, Sally M. Elghamrawy

22-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

Simple method of selecting totalistic rules for pseudorandom number generator based on nonuniform cellular automaton

Miroslaw Szaban

22-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Burst: real-time events burst detection in social text stream

Tajinder Singh, Madhu Kumari

22-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Low precision matrix multiplication for efficient deep learning in NVIDIA Carmel processors

Pablo San Juan, Rafael Rodríguez-Sánchez, Francisco D. Igual, Pedro Alonso-Jordá, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

22-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

JCOGIN: a programming framework for particle transport on combinatorial geometry

Baoyin Zhang, Zeyao Mo, Xin Wang, Wei Wang, Gang Li, Aiqing Zhang, Xiaolin Cao

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Study of the generalized discrete grey polynomial model based on the quantum genetic algorithm

Chong Liu, Wen-Ze Wu, Wanli Xie

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Adoption of bio-image technology on rehabilitation intervention of sports injury of golf

Wenlong Zhou, Zhiyong Fu

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

An HPC hybrid parallel approach to the experimental analysis of Fermat’s theorem extension to arbitrary dimensions on heterogeneous computer systems

Alfonso Niño, Sebastián Reyes, Ramón Carbó-Dorca

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Stochastic distributed data stream partitioning using task locality: design, implementation, and optimization

Siwoon Son, Hyeonseung Im, Yang-Sae Moon

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Speeding up the testing and training time for the support vector machines with minimal effect on the performance

Hamid Reza Ghaffari

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

-version of the neutrosophic cubic set: application in the negative influences of Internet

Muhammad Gulistan, Ahmed Elmoasry, Naveed Yaqoob

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

EDVWDD: Event-Driven Virtual Wheel-based Data Dissemination for Mobile Sink-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Shubhra Jain, K. K. Pattanaik, Rahul Kumar Verma, Anupam Shukla

08-04-2021 | Correction | Issue 10/2021

Correction to: EDVWDD: Event‑Driven Virtual Wheel‑based Data Dissemination for Mobile Sink‑Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Shubhra Jain, K. K. Pattanaik, Rahul Kumar Verma, Anupam Shukla

24-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A CPU-GPU-based parallel search algorithm for the best differential characteristics of block ciphers

Pei Li, Shihao Zhou, Jiageng Chen

25-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Algorithms and software for data mining and machine learning: a critical comparative view from a systematic review of the literature

Gilda Taranto-Vera, Purificación Galindo-Villardón, Javier Merchán-Sánchez-Jara, Julio Salazar-Pozo, Alex Moreno-Salazar, Vanessa Salazar-Villalva

26-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A novel multiclass priority algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing

Hicham Ben Alla, Said Ben Alla, Abdellah Ezzati, Abdellah Touhafi

26-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Routing algorithms for the shuffle-exchange permutation network

Behnam Khosravi, Behrooz Khosravi, Bahman Khosravi

26-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A frequency-aware and energy-saving strategy based on DVFS for Spark

Hongjian Li, Yaojun Wei, Yu Xiong, Enjie Ma, Wenhong Tian

27-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A novel cloud workflow scheduling algorithm based on stable matching game theory

Zhao-hong Jia, Lei Pan, Xiao Liu, Xue-jun Li

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

DYRE: a DYnamic REconfigurable solution to increase GPGPU’s reliability

Josie E. Rodriguez Condia, Pierpaolo Narducci, Matteo Sonza Reorda, Luca Sterpone

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Reliability-aware task scheduling for energy efficiency on heterogeneous multiprocessor systems

Zexi Deng, Dunqian Cao, Hong Shen, Zihan Yan, Huimin Huang

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Comprehensive survey on energy-aware server consolidation techniques in cloud computing

Nisha Chaurasia, Mohit Kumar, Rashmi Chaudhry, Om Prakash Verma

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Epidemic zone of COVID-19 from social media using hypergraph with weighting factor (HWF)

S. Pradeepa, K. R. Manjula

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Near-optimal replacement policies for shared caches in multicore processors

Javier Díaz, Pablo Ibáñez, Teresa Monreal, Víctor Viñals, José M. Llabería

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Social collaborative filtering using local dynamic overlapping community detection

Shiva Jalali, Monireh Hosseini

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

HiperView: real-time monitoring of dynamic behaviors of high-performance computing centers

Tommy Dang, Ngan Nguyen, Yong Chen

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A novel state transition simulated annealing algorithm for the multiple traveling salesmen problem

Yan Zhang, Xiaoxia Han, Yingchao Dong, Jun Xie, Gang Xie, Xinying Xu

29-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Predicting freshmen enrollment based on machine learning

Lei Yang, Li Feng, Longqing Zhang, Liwei Tian

30-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Semantic tools for development of high-level interactive applications for supercomputers

Maxim Gorodnichev, Danil Lebedev

30-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Implementation of real estate contract system using zero knowledge proof algorithm based blockchain

SoonHyeong Jeong, Byeongtae Ahn

31-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A method of progression detection for glaucoma using K-means and the GLCM algorithm toward smart medical prediction

S. Vimal, Y. Harold Robinson, M. Kaliappan, K. Vijayalakshmi, Sanghyun Seo

31-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Streaming techniques: revealing the natural concurrency of the lattice Boltzmann method

Andrey Zakirov, Anastasia Perepelkina, Vadim Levchenko, Sergey Khilkov

31-03-2021 | Issue 10/2021

CSMA/CA channel hopping in IoT environment toward intelligent multi-user diversity

Gayoung Kim, Junho Jeong

01-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

An energy-efficient big data workflow scheduling algorithm under budget constraints for heterogeneous cloud environment

Wakar Ahmad, Bashir Alam, Aman Atman

01-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Adaptive virtual machine migration based on performance-to-power ratio in fog-enabled cloud data centers

Mustafa I. Khaleel, Michelle M. Zhu

01-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

iHRNL: Iterative Hessian-based manifold regularization mechanism for localization in WSN

Abhishek, Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Shekhar Verma, S. Venkatesan

01-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A two-step rumor detection model based on the supernetwork theory about Weibo

Xuefan Dong, Ying Lian, Yuxue Chi, Xianyi Tang, Yijun Liu

01-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Multidimensional adaptative and deterministic integration in CUDA and OpenMP

R. Quintero-Monsebaiz, A. Meneses-Viveros, F. Carranza, C. G. Cortés, A. González-Zamudio, A. Vela

06-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

An efficient branch predictor for improved accuracy of instruction level parallelism

Sweety, Prachi Chaudhary

06-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A task recommendation framework for heterogeneous mobile crowdsensing

Jian Wang, Jiaxin Liu, Zhongnan Zhao, Guosheng Zhao

06-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Parallel multichannel blind source separation using a spatial covariance model and nonnegative matrix factorization

A. J. Muñoz-Montoro, J. J. Carabias-Orti, R. Cortina, S. García-Galán, J. Ranilla

06-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

A novel approach for multilevel multi-secret image sharing scheme

Kanchan Bisht, Maroti Deshmukh

06-04-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Applying TS-DBN model into sports behavior recognition with deep learning approach

Yingqing Guo, Xin Wang

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