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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Table of Contents ( 42 Articles )

05-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

DeepFakE: improving fake news detection using tensor decomposition-based deep neural network

Rohit Kumar Kaliyar, Anurag Goswami, Pratik Narang

05-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Load-balanced and energy-aware opportunistic routing with adaptive duty cycling for multi-channel WSNs

Omid Abedi, Somayeh Razaghi Kariznoi

06-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A3-Storm: topology-, traffic-, and resource-aware storm scheduler for heterogeneous clusters

Asif Muhammad, Muhammad Aleem

06-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

MDSbSP: a search protocol based on MDS codes for RFID-based Internet of vehicle

Morteza Adeli, Nasour Bagheri

07-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A lightweight remote user authentication scheme for IoT communication using elliptic curve cryptography

Dipanwita Sadhukhan, Sangram Ray, G. P. Biswas, M. K. Khan, Mou Dasgupta

07-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Augmented reality for dental implant surgery: enhanced ICP

Laghumee Shrestha, Abeer Alsadoon, P. W. C. Prasad, Nada AlSallami, Sami Haddad

10-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Ramanujan graphs and the spectral gap of supercomputing topologies

Sinan G. Aksoy, Paul Bruillard, Stephen J. Young, Mark Raugas

12-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Dynamic scheduling of tasks in cloud computing applying dragonfly algorithm, biogeography-based optimization algorithm and Mexican hat wavelet

Mohammad Reza Shirani, Faramarz Safi-Esfahani

13-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Investigating the performance of Hadoop and Spark platforms on machine learning algorithms

Ali Mostafaeipour, Amir Jahangard Rafsanjani, Mohammad Ahmadi, Joshuva Arockia Dhanraj

14-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Web behavior analysis in social life logging

Youngho Jo, Hyunwoo Lee, Ayoung Cho, Mincheol Whang

15-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Predicting the performance of big data applications on the cloud

D. Ardagna, E. Barbierato, E. Gianniti, M. Gribaudo, T. B. M. Pinto, A. P. C. da Silva, J. M. Almeida

16-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Prediction of highway asphalt pavement performance based on Markov chain and artificial neural network approach

Zhichen Wang, Naisheng Guo, Shuang Wang, Yang Xu

16-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Smartphone processor architecture, operations, and functions: current state-of-the-art and future outlook: energy performance trade-off

Energy–performance trade-off for smartphone processors
Ginny, Chiranjeev Kumar, Kshirasagar Naik

18-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Accelerating number theoretic transform in GPU platform for fully homomorphic encryption

Jia-Zheng Goey, Wai-Kong Lee, Bok-Min Goi, Wun-She Yap

18-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Impairment-aware fixed-alternate BSR routing heuristics applied to elastic optical networks

Marcelo M. Alves, Raul C. Almeida Jr., Alex F. dos Santos, H. A. Pereira, Karcius D. R. Assis

19-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Efficient parallelization of multilevel fast multipole algorithm for electromagnetic simulation on many-core SW26010 processor

Wei-Jia He, Ming-Lin Yang, Wu Wang, Xin-Qing Sheng

20-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Terminal and broadcast reliability analysis of direct 2-D symmetric torus network

Abhilasha Sharma, R. G. Sangeetha

22-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Stochastic models for performance and cost analysis of a hybrid cloud and fog architecture

Francisco Airton Silva, Iure Fé, Glauber Gonçalves

22-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Designing nanotechnology QCA–multiplexer using majority function-based NAND for quantum computing

Jun-Cheol Jeon

23-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Optimal business process deployment cost in cloud resources

Rania Ben Halima, Slim Kallel, Mehdi Ahmed Nacer, Walid Gaaloul

23-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Thermal neutrons: a possible threat for supercomputer reliability

Daniel Oliveira, Sean Blanchard, Nathan DeBardeleben, Fernando Fernandes dos Santos, Gabriel Piscoya Dávila, Philippe Navaux, Andrea Favalli, Opale Schappert, Stephen Wender, Carlo Cazzaniga, Christopher Frost, Paolo Rech

23-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

ELS: Emulation system for debugging and tuning large-scale parallel programs on small clusters

Fang Lin, Yi Liu, Yayu Guo, Depei Qian

24-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Parallelized path-based search for constraint satisfaction in autonomous cognitive agents

Tanvir Atahary, Tarek M. Taha, Scott Douglass

24-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A lightweight anonymous authentication scheme for secure cloud computing services

Hamza Hammami, Sadok Ben Yahia, Mohammad S. Obaidat

24-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Optimal demultiplexer unit design and energy estimation using quantum dot cellular automata

Angshuman Khan, Rajeev Arya

25-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Optimized clustering-based discovery framework on Internet of Things

Monika Bharti, Himanshu Jindal

26-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Adoption of human metabolic processes as Data Quality Based Models

Alladoumbaye Ngueilbaye, Hongzhi Wang, Mehak Khan, Daouda Ahmat Mahamat

27-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Automatic tutoring system to support cross-disciplinary training in Big Data

Xavier Solé-Beteta, Joan Navarro, David Vernet, Agustín Zaballos, Ricardo Torres-Kompen, David Fonseca, Alan Briones

27-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Neighborhood search-based job scheduling for IoT big data real-time processing in distributed edge-cloud computing environment

Chunlin Li, YiHan Zhang, Youlong Luo

28-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

High throughput BLAST algorithm using spark and cassandra

Fernando Cores, Fernando Guirado, Josep Lluis Lerida

28-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A systematic literature review on hardware implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms

Manar Abu Talib, Sohaib Majzoub, Qassim Nasir, Dina Jamal

29-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

TAMER: an adaptive task allocation method for aging reduction in multi-core embedded real-time systems

Faezeh Sadat Saadatmand, Nezam Rohbani, Farshad Baharvand, Hamed Farbeh

30-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Research on navigation of bidirectional A* algorithm based on ant colony algorithm

Yu-qiang Chen, Jian-lan Guo, Huaide Yang, Zheng-qin Wang, Hong-ling Liu

30-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Applying the swept rule for solving explicit partial differential equations on heterogeneous computing systems

Daniel J. Magee, Anthony S. Walker, Kyle E. Niemeyer

30-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

An AI-based intelligent system for healthcare analysis using Ridge-Adaline Stochastic Gradient Descent Classifier

N. Deepa, B. Prabadevi, Praveen Kumar Maddikunta, Thippa Reddy Gadekallu, Thar Baker, M. Ajmal Khan, Usman Tariq

30-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A dynamic priority strategy for IoV data scheduling towards key data

Chenxi Huang, Hao Wang, Dong Guo, Guokai Zhang, Gaowei Xu, Wen Zhou, Yongqiang Cheng, Yonghong Peng, Kaijian Xia, Fan Lin

01-06-2020 | Issue 2/2021

High-performance and deep pedestrian detection based on estimation of different parts

Mahmoud Saeidi, Ali Ahmadi

02-06-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Deployment of real-time systems in the cloud environment

Nasro Min-Allah, Muhammad Bilal Qureshi, Farmanullah Jan, Saleh Alrashed, Javid Taheri

02-06-2020 | Issue 2/2021

A Riccati-type algorithm for solving generalized Hermitian eigenvalue problems

Takafumi Miyata

03-06-2020 | Issue 2/2021

An adaptive failure recovery mechanism based on asymmetric routing for data center networks

Yong Liu, Huaxi Gu, Kun Wang, Xiaoshan Yu, Yunhao Wang

06-06-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Evaluating the computational performance of the Xilinx Ultrascale+ EG Heterogeneous MPSoC

Jose A. Belloch, Germán León, José M. Badía, Almudena Lindoso, Enrique San Millan

30-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

α-Probabilistic flexible aggregate nearest neighbor search in road networks using landmark multidimensional scaling

Moonyoung Chung, Woong-Kee Loh

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