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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 5/2021

Issue 5/2021

Table of Contents ( 42 Articles )

22-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Forecasting air passenger traffic flow based on the two-phase learning model

Xinfang Wu, Yong Xiang, Gang Mao, Mingqian Du, Xiuqing Yang, Xinzhi Zhou

24-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Anti-negation method for handling negation words in question answering system

J. Felicia Lilian, K. Sundarakantham, S. Mercy Shalinie

24-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021

KCSS: Kubernetes container scheduling strategy

Tarek Menouer

25-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021

A novel framework for UAV returning based on FPGA

Qunfang He, Wenjie Chen, Danping Zou, Zhilei Chai

28-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Exploratory study of introducing HPC to non-ICT researchers: institutional strategy is possibly needed for widespread adaption

Bence Ferdinandy, Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras, Éva Verderber, Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Lera, Ádám Miklósi

29-09-2020 | Issue 5/2021

A survey on design and synthesis techniques for photonic integrated circuits

Sumit Sharma, Sudip Roy

01-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Analyzing temporal patterns of topic diversity using graph clustering

Takako Hashimoto, David Lawrence Shepard, Tetsuji Kuboyama, Kilho Shin, Ryota Kobayashi, Takeaki Uno

02-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Deep learning and case-based reasoning for predictive and adaptive traffic emergency management

Ali Louati, Hassen Louati, Zhaojian Li

02-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Attribute-aware multi-task recommendation

Suhua Wang, Lisa Zhang, Mengying Yu, Yuling Wang, Zhiqiang Ma, Yu Zhao

09-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Surix: Non-blocking and low insertion loss micro-ring resonator-based optical router for photonic network on chip

Sanaz Asadinia, Mahdi Mehrabi, Elham Yaghoubi

12-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Intelligent traffic light under fog computing platform in data control of real-time traffic flow

Haoshu Qin, Huimei Zhang

13-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Interval graph multi-coloring-based resource reservation for energy-efficient containerized cloud data centers

Yashwant Singh Patel, Anjali Baheti, Rajiv Misra

15-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Towards efficient tile low-rank GEMM computation on sunway many-core processors

Qingchang Han, Hailong Yang, Ming Dun, Zhongzhi Luan, Lin Gan, Guangwen Yang, Depei Qian

15-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Security of lightweight mutual authentication protocols

Yu-Ju Tu, Gaurav Kapoor, Selwyn Piramuthu

16-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Analysis of parallel application checkpoint storage for system configuration

Betzabeth León, Daniel Franco, Dolores Rexachs, Emilio Luque

16-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Multi-level Gaussian mixture modeling for detection of malicious network traffic

Radhika Chapaneri, Seema Shah

21-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Using intelligent technology and real-time feedback algorithm to improve manufacturing process in IoT semiconductor industry

Bin Li, Ruey-Shun Chen, C.-Y. Liu

21-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Novel optimized tree-based stack-type architecture for 2n-bit comparator at nanoscale with energy dissipation analysis

A. Arunkumar Gudivada, Gnanou Florence Sudha

22-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Presentation attack detection based on score level fusion and challenge-response technique

Chao-Lung Chou

23-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

GPUs-RRTMG_LW: high-efficient and scalable computing for a longwave radiative transfer model on multiple GPUs

Yuzhu Wang, Mingxin Guo, Yuan Zhao, Jinrong Jiang

26-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

ACEP: an adaptive strategy for proactive and elastic processing of complex events

Mohammadmehdi Talebi, Mohsen Sharifi, Mohammadhesam Kalantari

26-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

A novel energy-efficient encryption algorithm for secure data in WSNs

Haythem Hayouni, Mohamed Hamdi

26-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Security explorations for routing attacks in low power networks on internet of things

Saurabh Sharma, Vinod Kumar Verma

26-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Toward forecasting future day air pollutant index in Malaysia

Kok-Seng Wong, Yee Jian Chew, Shih Yin Ooi, Ying Han Pang

27-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Effects of screen size and visual presentation on visual fatigue based on regional brain wave activity

Chun-Chia Lee, Hsiu-Sen Chiang, Meng-Hsing Hsiao

27-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Efficient implementation of modular multiplication over 192-bit NIST prime for 8-bit AVR-based sensor node

Dong-won Park, Seokhie Hong, Nam Su Chang, Sung Min Cho

28-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

GAN–SOM: A clustering framework with SOM-similar network based on deep learning

Minghao Ni, Hongqiang Cheng, Jinfeng Lai

29-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

A latency-aware and energy-efficient computation offloading in mobile fog computing: a hidden Markov model-based approach

Fatemeh Jazayeri, Ali Shahidinejad, Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani

29-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

BB-tree based secure and dynamic public auditing convergence for cloud storage

Rahul Mishra, Dharavath Ramesh, Damodar Reddy Edla

29-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Automatic translation of data parallel programs for heterogeneous parallelism through OpenMP offloading

Farui Wang, Weizhe Zhang, Haonan Guo, Meng Hao, Gangzhao Lu, Zheng Wang

29-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Parallel optimization of three-dimensional wedge-shaped underwater acoustic propagation based on MPI+OpenMP hybrid programming model

Zijie Zhu, Yongxian Wang, Xiaoqian Zhu, Wei Liu, Qiang Lan, Wenbin Xiao, Xinghua Cheng

30-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Accurate computing of facial expression recognition using a hybrid feature extraction technique

Jenni Kommineni, Satria Mandala, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Parvathaneni Midhu Chakravarthy

02-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

CHESDA: continuous hybrid and energy-efficient secure data aggregation for WSN

R. Hajian, S. H. Erfani

02-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Secure communication between UAVs using a method based on smart agents in unmanned aerial vehicles

Maryam Faraji-Biregani, Reza Fotohi

02-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Deep learning model with ensemble techniques to compute the secondary structure of proteins

Rayed AlGhamdi, Azra Aziz, Mohammed Alshehri, Kamal Raj Pardasani, Tarique Aziz

02-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

SDAM: a combined stack distance-analytical modeling approach to estimate memory performance in GPUs

Mohsen Kiani, Amir Rajabzadeh

03-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

FastUDP: a highly scalable user-level UDP framework in multi-core systems for fast packet I/O

Hongjun Zhang, Heng Zhang, Libo Zhang, Yanjun Wu

03-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Toward novel designs of reversible ternary 6:2 Compressor using efficient reversible ternary full-adders

Mohammad-Ali Asadi, Mohammad Mosleh, Majid Haghparast

04-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

AI-based smart prediction of clinical disease using random forest classifier and Naive Bayes

V. Jackins, S. Vimal, M. Kaliappan, Mi Young Lee

04-11-2020 | Issue 5/2021

An energy-efficient task migration scheme based on genetic algorithms for mobile applications in CloneCloud

Yun Lin, Tundong Liu, Fufeng Chen, Kuan-Ching Li, Yi Xie

20-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

Intelligent and pervasive computing for cyber-physical systems

Mohammad R. Khosravi, Varun G. Menon

06-10-2020 | Issue 5/2021

K-means tree: an optimal clustering tree for unsupervised learning

Pooya Tavallali, Peyman Tavallali, Mukesh Singhal

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