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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 6/2015

Issue 6/2015

Special Section on Social Network and High Performance in Smart Communications (pp. 1933-2203)

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Social mix: automatic music recommendation and mixing scheme based on social network analysis

Sanghoon Jun, Daehoon Kim, Mina Jeon, Seungmin Rho, Eenjun Hwang

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Time-of-arrival estimation through WLAN physical layer systems

Dong Kyoo Kim, Yang Sun Lee

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Improving positioning accuracy for VANET in real city environments

Ming-Fong Tsai, Po-Ching Wang, Ce-Kuen Shieh, Wen-Shyang Hwang, Naveen Chilamkurti, Seungmin Rho, Yang Sun Lee

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Analyzing the geographic distribution of major medical equipment with smart geographic system

Kwang-Soo Lee, Hyuk-Jun Kwon

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

ICT use level and performance evaluation on the social network environment: Korea case study

Kyuhwan Lee, Sungpyo Hong, Hangbae Chang

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Face hallucination and recognition in social network services

Feng Jiang, Seungmin Rho, Bo-Wei Chen, Xiaodan Du, Debin Zhao

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

O2WebCL: an automatic OpenCL-to-WebCL translator for high performance web computing

Myeongjin Cho, Youngsun Han, Minseong Kim, Seon Wook Kim

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Performance model-directed data sieving for high-performance I/O

Yong Chen, Yin Lu, Prathamesh Amritkar, Rajeev Thakur, Yu Zhuang

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Delay analysis for ad hoc multiplayer game of socially clustered mobile users

Sanghyun Seo, Hakjeon Bang, Hun-Joo Lee

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Performance of vehicle speed estimation using wireless sensor networks: a region-based approach

Do-Hyun Kim, Kyoung-Ho Choi, Ki-Joune Li, Yang-Sun Lee

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

U-Health Smart system architecture and ontology model

Jin Kim, Sang Oh Park

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

High-efficient video compression for social multimedia distribution

Xiangyang Ji, Sam Kwong, Bo-Wei Chen, Seungmin Rho

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Using physical layer clock recovery to augment application layer time synchronization

S. M. Usman Hashmi, Imran Shafi, Jamil Ahmad, Anand Paul, Sang Oh Park

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

A trust value-based scheme for efficient contents sharing over mobile P2P networks

Sejin Kim, Hyerim Kim, Sung Jo Kim

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Using reputation measurement to defend mobile social networks against malicious feedback ratings

Lin Huang, Shangguang Wang, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Juanjuan Zhang, Fangchun Yang

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Developing adaptive multi-device applications with the Heterogeneous Programming Library

Moisés Viñas, Zeki Bozkus, Basilio B. Fraguela, Diego Andrade, Ramón Doallo

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Automatic provisioning of multi-tier applications in cloud computing environments

Marta Beltrán

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Algorithmic aspects of graph reduction for hardware/software partitioning

Guiyuan Jiang, Jigang Wu, Siew-Kei Lam, Thambipillai Srikanthan, Jizhou Sun

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

An optimal many-core model-based supercomputing for accelerating video-equipped fire detection

Junsang Seo, Myeongsu Kang, Cheol Hong Kim, Jong-Myon Kim

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Architectural support for task scheduling: hardware scheduling for dataflow on NUMA systems

Behram Khan, Daniel Goodman, Salman Khan, Will Toms, Paolo Faraboschi, Mikel Luján, Ian Watson

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