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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 8/2021

Issue 8/2021

Table of Contents ( 55 Articles )

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Efficient design and implementation of a robust coplanar crossover and multilayer hybrid full adder–subtractor using QCA technology

Mukesh Patidar, Namit Gupta

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Towards design and implementation of security and privacy framework for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) by leveraging blockchain and IPFS technology

Randhir Kumar, Rakesh Tripathi

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A comprehensive and holistic knowledge model for cloud privacy protection

Aymen Akremi, Mohsen Rouached

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Toward efficient execution of data-intensive workflows

Oleg Sukhoroslov

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Sampling-based visual assessment computing techniques for an efficient social data clustering

M. Suleman Basha, S. K. Mouleeswaran, K. Rajendra Prasad

12-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Traffic classification for efficient load balancing in server cluster using deep learning technique

V. Punitha, C. Mala

13-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

On protocols for increasing the uniformity of random bits generated with noisy quantum computers

Elías F. Combarro, Federico Carminati, Sofia Vallecorsa, José Ranilla, Ignacio F. Rúa

13-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Novel certificateless Chebyshev chaotic map-based key agreement protocol for advanced metering infrastructure

Dariush Abbasinezhad-Mood, Arezou Ostad-Sharif, Morteza Nikooghadam, Sayyed Majid Mazinani

14-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

HSAC-ALADMM: an asynchronous lazy ADMM algorithm based on hierarchical sparse allreduce communication

Dongxia Wang, Yongmei Lei, Jinyang Xie, Guozheng Wang

14-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Parallel source separation system for heart and lung sounds

A. J. Muñoz-Montoro, D. Suarez-Dou, R. Cortina, F. J. Canadas-Quesada, E. F. Combarro

14-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A method of activity-based software maintenance cost estimation for package software

Kyoung-ae Jang, Woo-Je Kim

15-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Recognition of food type and calorie estimation using neural network

R. Dinesh Kumar, E. Golden Julie, Y. Harold Robinson, S. Vimal, Sanghyun Seo

18-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Application of deep learning model under improved emd in railway transportation investment benefits and national economic attribute analysis

Jia He

18-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

HybriDroid: an empirical analysis on effective malware detection model developed using ensemble methods

Arvind Mahindru, A. L. Sangal

18-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Multi-objective heuristics algorithm for dynamic resource scheduling in the cloud computing environment

K. Lalitha Devi, S. Valli

19-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Provably secure lightweight client authentication scheme with anonymity for TMIS using chaotic hash function

Vishesh P. Gaikwad, Jitendra V. Tembhurne, Chandrashekhar Meshram, Cheng-Chi Lee

19-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Investigating multiple defects on a new fault-tolerant three-input QCA majority gate

Seyed Amir Hossein Foroutan, Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan, Majid Mohammadi, Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli

20-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Evaluating the performance of FFT library implementations on modern hybrid computing systems

Sergey I. Malkovsky, Aleksei A. Sorokin, Georgiy I. Tsoy, Sergey P. Korolev, Sergey I. Smagin, Vadim A. Kondrashev

20-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Absolute rotary encoder system based on optical sensor for angular measurement

Wen-Yen Lin, Ching-Wen Huang

20-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Gait analysis in patients with neurological disorders using ankle-worn accelerometers

Jung-Yeon Kim, Suhwan Lee, Hee Bum Lee, Byeong-Gwon Kang, Soo-Bin Im, Yunyoung Nam

20-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A dynamic variability management approach working with agile product line engineering practices for reusing features

Azaz Ahmed Kiani, Yaser Hafeez, Muhammad Imran, Sadia Ali

21-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Optimal fault-tolerant quantum comparators for image binarization

F. Orts, G. Ortega, A. C. Cucura, E. Filatovas, E. M. Garzón

21-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Structure-preserving NPR framework for image abstraction and stylization

M. P. Pavan Kumar, B. Poornima, H. S. Nagendraswamy, C. Manjunath

21-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

A CUDA-powered method for the feature extraction and unsupervised analysis of medical images

Leonardo Rundo, Andrea Tangherloni, Paolo Cazzaniga, Matteo Mistri, Simone Galimberti, Ramona Woitek, Evis Sala, Giancarlo Mauri, Marco S. Nobile

22-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A novel vector-space-based lightweight privacy-preserving RFID authentication protocol for IoT environment

Mohd Shariq, Karan Singh

22-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A deep learning-based CEP rule extraction framework for IoT data

Mehmet Ulvi Simsek, Feyza Yildirim Okay, Suat Ozdemir

25-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

GPU-based embedded edge server configuration and offloading for a neural network service

JooHwan Kim, Shan Ullah, Deok-Hwan Kim

25-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

NNBlocks: a Blockly framework for AI computing

Tai-Liang Chen, Yi-Ru Chen, Meng-Shiun Yu, Jenq-Kuen Lee

25-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Consensus-based data replication protocol for distributed cloud

Rashmi Maheshwari, Naveen Kumar, Monal Shadi, Shailesh Tiwari

25-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Adoption value of deep learning and serological indicators in the screening of atrophic gastritis based on artificial intelligence

Jianhai Zhang, Jianhong Yu, Suna Fu, Xinhua Tian

26-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

VGL: a high-performance graph processing framework for the NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector architecture

Ilya V. Afanasyev, Vladimir V. Voevodin, Kazuhiko Komatsu, Hiroaki Kobayashi

26-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Identification and control of the volatile organic compounds activity in confined environments (Mosques)

Atif Shahzad, Abdul Zubar Hameed, Abdulrahman Basahel

26-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

The use of remote sensing satellite using deep learning in emergency monitoring of high-level landslides disaster in Jinsha River

Leijin Long, Feng He, Hongjiang Liu

28-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

High performance of brain emotional intelligent controller for DTC-SVM based sensorless induction motor drive

Sridhar Savarapu, Yadaiah Narri

28-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Toward graph classification on structure property using adaptive motif based on graph convolutional network

Xingquan Li, Hongxi Wu

28-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

CMODLB: an efficient load balancing approach in cloud computing environment

Sarita Negi, Man Mohan Singh Rauthan, Kunwar Singh Vaisla, Neelam Panwar

29-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A selfish herd optimization algorithm based on the simplex method for clustering analysis

Ruxin Zhao, Yongli Wang, Gang Xiao, Chang Liu, Peng Hu, Hao Li

29-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

KDB: a fast update and high speed packet classifier in SDN

Rashid Hatami, Hossein Bahramgiri

29-01-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Revisiting non-tree routing for maximum lifetime data gathering in wireless sensor networks

Xiaojun Zhu

01-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Like a rainbow in the dark: metadata annotation for HPC applications in the age of dark data

Björn Schembera

01-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Multistep temperature prediction for proactive thermal management on chip multiprocessors

N. Revathi, G. Sumathi

01-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Optimizing NFV placement for distributing micro-data centers in cellular networks

Diego de Freitas Bezerra, Guto Leoni Santos, Glauco Gonçalves, André Moreira, Leylane Graziele Ferreira da Silva, Élisson da Silva Rocha, Maria Valéria Marquezini, Judith Kelner, Djamel Sadok, Amardeep Mehta, Mattias Wildeman, Patricia Takako Endo

01-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Using Bayesian network technology to predict the semiconductor manufacturing yield rate in IoT

Xiaodong Fang, Chan Chang, Genggeng Liu

01-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A secure blockchain-based group key agreement protocol for IoT

Chien-Ming Chen, Xiaoting Deng, Wensheng Gan, Jiahui Chen, S. K. Hafizul Islam

02-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

A cellular automata rule placing a maximal number of dominoes in the square and diamond

Rolf Hoffmann, Dominique Désérable, Franciszek Seredyński

02-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

MapReduce distributed parallel computing framework for diagnosis and treatment of knee joint Kashin-Beck disease

Chenpo Dang, Guirong Yi, Zhaomin Zhu, Peng Zhou, Hongbin Shao, Yanbin Yao, Maosheng Zhao, Lintao Li, Shensong Li

03-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

An efficient binary chaotic symbiotic organisms search algorithm approaches for feature selection problems

Hekmat Mohmmadzadeh, Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh

03-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Optical wireless communication using camera and RGB display

Anil L. Pereira

03-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Optimal TAL-based registration with cell-based central policy in mobile cellular networks: a semi-Markov process approach

Hee-Seon Jang, Jang Hyun Baek

03-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Deep mixed precision for hyperspectral image classification

M. E. Paoletti, X. Tao, J. M. Haut, S. Moreno-Álvarez, A. Plaza

04-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A systematic study of load balancing approaches in the fog computing environment

Mandeep Kaur, Rajni Aron

04-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Human behavioral pattern analysis-based anomaly detection system in residential space

Seunghyun Choi, Changgyun Kim, Yong-Shin Kang, Sekyoung Youm

05-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A cloud-based monitoring system for performance analysis in IoT industry

Yong Peng, I.-C. Wu

05-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Analysis of clinical features of large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma patients guided by chest CT image under deep learning

Chunfeng Zheng, Xiaoting Wang, Haiyun Zhou, Juan Li, Zhongtao Zhang

05-02-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Mapping techniques in multicore processors: current and future trends

Manjari Gupta, Lava Bhargava, S. Indu

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