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19-10-2019 Open Access

An optimisation tool for robust community detection algorithms using content and topology information

With the recent prevalence of information networks, the topic of community detection has gained much interest among researchers. In real-world networks, node attribute (content information) is also available in addition to topology information.


Mining image frequent patterns based on a frequent pattern list in image databases

The goal of image mining is to find the useful information hidden in image databases. The 9DSPA-Miner approach uses the Apriori strategy to mine the image database, where each image is represented by the 9D-SPA representation. It presents a …


An ANFIS-based compatibility scorecard for IoT integration in websites

Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things (IoT) form two different levels of the vertical digital integration. Integration of websites with IoT-connected devices has compelled creation of new web design and development strategies where …


Multisensor data fusion of motion monitoring system based on BP neural network

Recently, many researchers have proposed a number of respiratory monitoring methods to monitor the respiratory amplitude and respiratory rate of athletes under different conditions. However, the problem with such methods is that their accuracy is …


Fast differential box-counting algorithm on GPU

The differential box-counting (DBC) algorithm is the most widely used method for calculating the fractal dimension (FD) of grayscale images. FD analysis of grayscale images has important applications in fields such as shape classification, texture …

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