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05-03-2019 | Foundations | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

Soft Computing 10/2019

The lattice of subspaces of a vector space over a finite field

Soft Computing > Issue 10/2019
Ivan Chajda, Helmut Länger
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Communicated by A. Di Nola.

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For finite m and q we study the lattice \(\mathbf {L}(\mathbf {V})=(L(\mathbf {V}),+,\cap ,\{\vec {0}\},V)\) of subspaces of an m-dimensional vector space \(\mathbf {V}\) over a field \(\mathbf {K}\) of cardinality q. We present formulas for the number of d-dimensional subspaces of \(\mathbf {V}\), for the number of complements of a subspace and for the number of e-dimensional subspaces including a given d-dimensional subspace. It was shown in Eckmann and Zabey (Helv Phys Acta 42:420–424, 1969) that \(\mathbf {L}(\mathbf {V})\) possesses an orthocomplementation only in case \(m=2\) and \({{\,\mathrm{char}\,}}\mathbf {K}\ne 2\). Hence, only in this case \(\mathbf {L}(\mathbf {V})\) can be considered as an orthomodular lattice. On the contrary, we show that a complementation \('\) on \(\mathbf {L}(\mathbf {V})\) can be chosen in such a way that \((L(\mathbf {V}),+,\cap ,{}')\) is both weakly orthomodular and dually weakly orthomodular. Moreover, we show that \((L(\mathbf {V}),+,\cap ,{}^\perp ,\{\vec {0}\},V)\) is paraorthomodular in the sense of Giuntini et al. (Stud Log 104:1145–1177, 2016).

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