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Space Technology Library

Space Technology Library

Published jointly by Microcosm Press and Springer

23 Volumes | 1987 - 2021


The Space Technology Library is a series of high-level research books treating a variety of important issues related to space missions. A wide range of space-related topics is covered starting from mission analysis and design, through a description of spacecraft structure to spacecraft attitude determination and control. A number of excellent volumes in the Space Technology Library were provided through the US Air Force Academy's Space Technology Series. The quality of the book series is guaranteed through the efforts of its managing editor and well-respected editorial board. Books in the Space Technology Library are sponsored by ESA, NASA and the United States Department of Defense.

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2021 | Book

Orbital Relative Motion and Terminal Rendezvous

Analytic and Numerical Methods for Spaceflight Guidance Applications

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of time-fixed terminal rendezvous around the Earth using chemical propulsion.
The book has two main objectives. The first is to derive the mathematics of relative motion in near-circular orbit when …

2019 | Book

Planetary Spacecraft Navigation

This textbook introduces the theories and practical procedures used in planetary spacecraft navigation. Written by a former member of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) navigation team, it delves into the mathematics behind modern digital …

2018 | Book

Emerging Space Markets

This book analyzes the commercial space activities and commercialization processes of the last fifteen years and maps the future challenges that NewSpace companies will face developing commercial space markets.

What is new and what has happened in …

2018 | Book

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design

In recent decades, the number of satellites being built and launched into Earth’s orbit has grown immensely, alongside the field of space engineering itself. This book offers an in-depth guide to engineers and professionals seeking to understand …

2015 | Book

Spacecraft Momentum Control Systems

The goal of this book is to serve both as a practical technical reference and a resource for gaining a fuller understanding of the state of the art of spacecraft momentum control systems, specifically looking at control moment gyroscopes (CMGs). As a

2014 | Book

Optimal Control with Aerospace Applications

Want to know not just what makes rockets go up but how to do it optimally? Optimal control theory has become such an important field in aerospace engineering that no graduate student or practicing engineer can afford to be without a working knowledg

2014 | Book

Fundamentals of Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control

This book explores topics that are central to the field of spacecraft attitude determination and control. The authors provide rigorous theoretical derivations of significant algorithms accompanied by a generous amount of qualitative discussions of

2013 | Book

Space Program Management

Methods and Tools

Beginning with the basic elements that differentiate space programs from other management challenges, Space Program Management explains through theory and example of real programs from around the world, the philosophical and technical tools needed to

2013 | Book

Introduction to Space Systems

Design and Synthesis

The definition of all space systems starts with the establishment of its fundamental parameters: requirements to be fulfilled, overall system and satellite design, analysis and design of the critical elements, developmental approach, cost, and schedu

2013 | Book

Distributed Space Missions for Earth System Monitoring

This title analyzes distributed Earth observation missions from different perspectives. In particular, the issues arising when the payloads are distributed on different satellites are considered from both the theoretical and practical points of view.

2013 | Book

On Orbit and Beyond

Psychological Perspectives on Human Spaceflight

As we stand poised on the verge of a new era of spaceflight, we must rethink every element, including the human dimension. This book explores some of the contributions of psychology to yesterday’s great space race, today’s orbiter and Internationa

2013 | Book

Fast Solar Sailing

Astrodynamics of Special Sailcraft Trajectories

The range of solar sailing is very vast; it is a fully in-space means of propulsion that should allow us to accomplish various mission classes that are literally impossible using rocket propulsion, no matter if nuclear or electric. Fast and very f

2012 | Book

Introduction to the Mechanics of Space Robots

Based on lecture notes on a space robotics course, this book offers a pedagogical introduction to the mechanics of space robots. After presenting an overview of the environments and conditions space robots have to work in, the author discusses a v

2011 | Book

Fundamentals of Space Medicine

Investigations in space have led to fundamental discoveries of the human body to the space environment. Gilles Clément has conducted extensive research in this field. This readable text presents the findings from the life science experiments conducte

2008 | Book

Space Psychology and Psychiatry

1st edition: Winner of the 2004 IAA Life Sciences Book Award!

This 2nd Edition represents a complete revision with about 23% more pages and new material compared to the first edition; it includes several recent studies involving ast

2007 | Book

Artificial Gravity

William H. Paloski, Ph. D. Human Adaptation and Countermeasures Office NASA Johnson Space Center Artificial gravity is an old concept, having gotten its start in the late in the 19th century when Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, considered by many to be th

2007 | Book

Microgravity Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer

Multiphase thermal systems (involving more than one phase or one component) have numerous applications in aerospace, heat-exchanger, transport of contaminants in environmental systems, and energy transport and energy conversion systems. Advances i

2006 | Book

Fundamentals of Space Biology

Research on Cells, Animals, and Plants in Space

Fundamentals of Space Biology is the third textbook addressing Space Life Sciences in this Space Technology Library series. The first of these books focused on the psychological and psychiatric issues that affect people who live and work in space (Vo

2005 | Book

Fundamentals of Space Medicine

A total of more than 240 human space flights have been completed to date, involving about 450 astronauts from various countries, for a combined total presence in space of more than 70 years. The seventh long-duration expedition crew is currently i

2003 | Book

Essential Spaceflight Dynamics and Magnetospherics

Essential Spaceflight Dynamics and Magnetospherics describes, in the first instance, some of the key aspects of celestial mechanics and spaceflight dynamics. It begins with classical two and three body problems illustrative of the aesthetic …