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Transnational Mothers and School Related Decisions

This article addresses the question of how transnational Mexican mothers negotiate and participate in the educational trajectories of children in the United States and in Mexico. It illustrates how mothers in New York City are central …


Troubling the Waters: A Critical Essay on Black Male Role Models and Mentors

We assert the concepts of “role model” and “mentor” continue to permeate educational and public discourse as viable means of behavioral modification among young Black males facing multiple inequities. Though these terms it seems, have obtained …


“It’s Everybody’s Job”: Youth and Adult Constructions of Responsibility to Take Action for School Change through PAR

Participatory action research (PAR) with youth holds potential to spur social justice-oriented change due to its explicit orientation to transform systemic inequity. Whereas youth in PAR projects embody agency in their actions, they hold less …


“Mr. Wang Doesn’t Really Care How We Speak!”: Responsiveness in the Practice of an Exemplary Asian-American Teacher

This study presents holistic insights into the culturally relevant English language arts and reading instructional practices of one award-winning Asian-American male teacher as he worked with culturally and linguistically diverse students from a …


Us and Them: Using Social Identity Theory to Explain and Re-envision Teacher–Student Relationships in Urban Schools

Within a framework of social identity theory (SIT), this paper utilizes social cognitive psychological theories to explain how and why White urban teachers often struggle to create loving spaces in urban classrooms, particularly when their …

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Urban Review provides a forum for the presentation of original investigations, reviews, and essays which examine the issues basic to the improvement of urban schooling and education. The broad scope of topics presented reflects awareness of the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary educational problems.

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