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When There’s No Handbook: One Urban Elementary School’s COVID-19 Crisis Response

Using qualitative methods and a Communities of Practice framework, we studied one urban elementary school’s crisis response to COVID-19 during the emergency remote education phase, Spring 2020. In the last two years, there has been overwhelming …


“It’s Going to Go in One Ear and Out the Other”: Black Girls Talk Back to Administrator Perceptions of Justice-Oriented School Discipline

This study offers the results of a Black feminist project in humanization designed to understand administrators' role in interrupting the over-disciplining of Black girls in urban public schools. Carried out with 5 Black girls on probation and 5 …


“Everything is Bigger and Different”: Black Engineering Transfer Students Adjusting to the Intensity and Academic Culture of the 4-Year Campus

Black engineering transfer students face unique challenges while navigating the transfer process from a community college to a 4-year institution. The purpose of this paper is to better understand the experiences of these students and the ways in …


Analyzing the Intersectional and Bicultural Experiences of Black Immigrant Women STEM Students at a Diverse Urban University: A Phenomenological Study

Three 1.5-generation immigrant, Nigerian American, women students attending a diverse urban university participated in face-to-face interviews and a focus group to share their experiences as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) …


Expanding the Pipeline to Teach: Recruiting Future Urban Teachers of Color Through a Dual Enrollment Program

This qualitative case study explores the perceptions of schools, schooling, and teaching prior to and after engagement in a dual enrollment program. Data from nine participants revealed insights into the ways pre-college students thought about …

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Urban Review provides a forum for the presentation of original investigations, reviews, and essays which examine the issues basic to the improvement of urban schooling and education. The broad scope of topics presented reflects awareness of the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary educational problems.

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