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The VLDB Journal

The VLDB Journal 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Special Issue: Best Papers of VLDB 2019

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

11-09-2020 | Editorial | Issue 1/2021

Guest Editorial: Special issue on VLDB 2019

Fatma Özcan, Lei Chen

07-02-2021 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

LineageChain: a fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance system for blockchains

Pingcheng Ruan, Tien Tuan Anh Dinh, Qian Lin, Meihui Zhang, Gang Chen, Beng Chin Ooi

09-09-2020 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

Autoscaling tiered cloud storage in Anna

Chenggang Wu, Vikram Sreekanti, Joseph M. Hellerstein

30-09-2020 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

DIFF: a relational interface for large-scale data explanation

Firas Abuzaid, Peter Kraft, Sahaana Suri, Edward Gan, Eric Xu, Atul Shenoy, Asvin Ananthanarayan, John Sheu, Erik Meijer, Xi Wu, Jeff Naughton, Peter Bailis, Matei Zaharia

05-09-2020 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

Interactive checks for coordination avoidance

Michael Whittaker, Joseph M. Hellerstein

21-09-2020 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

Gossip-based visibility control for high-performance geo-distributed transactions

Hua Fan, Wojciech Golab

08-09-2020 | Special Issue Paper | Issue 1/2021

Querying subjective data

Yuliang Li, Aaron Feng, Jinfeng Li, Shuwei Chen, Saran Mumick, Alon Halevy, Vivian Li, Wang-Chiew Tan

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