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08-11-2019 | Regular Paper

Cleaning data with Llunatic

Data cleaning (or data repairing) is considered a crucial problem in many database-related tasks. It consists in making a database consistent with respect to a given set of constraints. In recent years, repairing methods have been proposed for …

04-11-2019 | Special Issue Paper

The core decomposition of networks: theory, algorithms and applications

The core decomposition of networks has attracted significant attention due to its numerous applications in real-life problems. Simply stated, the core decomposition of a network (graph) assigns to each graph node v, an integer number c(v) (the …

02-11-2019 | Special Issue Paper

EntropyDB: a probabilistic approach to approximate query processing

We present, an interactive data exploration system that uses a probabilistic approach to generate a small, query-able summary of a dataset. Departing from traditional summarization techniques, we use the Principle of Maximum Entropy to generate a …

02-11-2019 | Special Issue Paper

Explaining Natural Language query results

Multiple lines of research have developed Natural Language (NL) interfaces for formulating database queries. We build upon this work, but focus on presenting a highly detailed form of the answers in NL. The answers that we present are importantly …

01-11-2019 | Regular Paper

Efficient processing of moving collective spatial keyword queries

As a major type of continuous spatial queries, the moving spatial keyword queries have been studied extensively. Most existing studies focus on retrieving single objects, each of which is close to the query object and relevant to the query …

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