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Open Access 23-01-2023 | Regular Paper

A survey on deep learning approaches for text-to-SQL

To bridge the gap between users and data, numerous text-to-SQL systems have been developed that allow users to pose natural language questions over relational databases. Recently, novel text-to-SQL systems are adopting deep learning methods with …

19-01-2023 | Regular Paper

SQUID: subtrajectory query in trillion-scale GPS database

Subtrajectory query has been a fundamental operator in mobility data management and useful in the applications of trajectory clustering, co-movement pattern mining and contact tracing in epidemiology. In this paper, we make the first attempt to …

17-01-2023 | Special Issue Paper

Effective entity matching with transformers

We present $$\textsf{Ditto}$$ Ditto , a novel entity matching system based on pre-trained Transformer language models. We fine-tune and cast EM as a sequence-pair classification problem to leverage such models with a simple architecture. Our …

14-01-2023 | Regular Paper

A meta-level analysis of online anomaly detectors

Real-time detection of anomalies in streaming data is receiving increasing attention as it allows us to raise alerts, predict faults, and detect intrusions or threats across industries. Yet, little attention has been given to compare the …

10-01-2023 | Special Issue Paper

Local dampening: differential privacy for non-numeric queries via local sensitivity

Differential privacy is the state-of-the-art formal definition for data release under strong privacy guarantees. A variety of mechanisms have been proposed in the literature for releasing the output of numeric queries (e.g., the Laplace mechanism …

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Published on behalf of the VLDB Endowment, this journal contains scholarly contributions that examine information system architectures, the impact of technological advancements on information systems, and the development of novel database applications.

The VLDB Journal also publishes a number of special issues in addition to the regular ones. One issue of each volume (usually the third) is devoted to selected papers from the previous year's VLDB Conference. Other special issues focus on information that the Editors and the Editorial Board determine to be of importance to the database community, including:

- Privacy-Preserving Data Management

- Integration of databases and information retrieval

- Data Management, Analysis and Mining for the Life Sciences

- Data Stream Processing

- XML Data Management

- E-Services

- Databases and the Web

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