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The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases

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20-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Have query optimizers hit the wall?

The query optimization phase within a database management system (DBMS) ostensibly finds the fastest query execution plan from a potentially large set of enumerated plans, all of which correctly compute the specified query. Occasionally the …

15-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Complex event forecasting with prediction suffix trees

Complex event recognition (CER) systems have become popular in the past two decades due to their ability to “instantly” detect patterns on real-time streams of events. However, there is a lack of methods for forecasting when a pattern might occur …

08-09-2021 | Special Issue Paper

ABC of order dependencies

Band order dependencies (ODs) enhance constraint-based data quality by modeling the semantics of attributes that are monotonically related to small variations without an intrinsic violation of semantics. The class of approximate band conditional …

31-08-2021 | Regular Paper

Distance labeling: on parallelism, compression, and ordering

Distance labeling approaches are widely adopted to speed up the online performance of shortest-distance queries. The construction of the distance labeling, however, can be exhaustive, especially on big graphs. For a major category of large graphs …

29-08-2021 | Special Issue Paper

Data-induced predicates for sideways information passing in query optimizers

Using data statistics, we convert predicates on a table into data-induced predicates (diPs) that apply on the joining tables. Doing so substantially speeds up multi-relation queries because the benefits of predicate pushdown can now apply beyond …

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Published on behalf of the VLDB Endowment, this journal contains scholarly contributions that examine information system architectures, the impact of technological advancements on information systems, and the development of novel database applications.

The VLDB Journal also publishes a number of special issues in addition to the regular ones. One issue of each volume (usually the third) is devoted to selected papers from the previous year's VLDB Conference. Other special issues focus on information that the Editors and the Editorial Board determine to be of importance to the database community, including:

- Privacy-Preserving Data Management

- Integration of databases and information retrieval

- Data Management, Analysis and Mining for the Life Sciences

- Data Stream Processing

- XML Data Management

- E-Services

- Databases and the Web

- Multimedia Databases.

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