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Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

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21-09-2019 | Original Article

Shock wave structure in a non-ideal gas under temperature and density-dependent viscosity and heat conduction

The structure of a shock wave is investigated using the continuum hypothesis for steady one-dimensional flow of a viscous non-ideal gas under heat conduction. The coefficients of viscosity and heat conductivity are assumed to be directly …

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Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics provides a forum for the cross-fertilization of ideas, tools and techniques across all disciplines in which fluid flow plays a role, such as: aeronautical sciences, geophysical and environmental sciences, life sciences and materials sciences.

Of particular interest are papers that unravel complex flow physics through combined computational and experimental efforts or through a fundamental theoretical analysis that complements computational work.

The journal publishes scholarly research papers, invited review articles, brief communications, letters and comments on previously published papers. It addresses scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians working in all fields concerned with fundamental aspects of fluid flow.

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