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Transportation Research, Economics and Policy

Transportation Research, Economics and Policy
17 Volumes | 1993 - 2021


The objective of the series is to provide academics, students, policy analysts and practitioners with authoritative and accessible information to develop practical solutions, assist in policy formulation and inform debate on transportation issues and questions.

Topics in the series may include:

  • transportation economics
  • management of transportation by firms
  • government bodies and regulators and the integration of transportation into cities, regions and countries

The unifying feature of each volume is the development or application of quantitative economic models and methods to examine current and emerging issues relating to transportation. Coverage includes the analysis of data, models of market structure, the evolution of institutions and emerging governance structures all in the context of transportation economics, policy and management. Both research monographs and edited volumes will be considered for publication in the series .

All books of the series Transportation Research, Economics and Policy

2021 | Book

The Robomobility Revolution of Urban Public Transport

A Social Sciences Perspective

Over the past two decades, society has been witnessing how technological, political, and societal changes have been transforming individual and collective urban mobility. Driven both by newcomers and traditional players, by disruptive as well as …

2016 | Book

Transport Systems of Russian Cities

Ongoing Transformations

This volume discusses post-socialist urban transport functioning and development in Russia, within the context of the country’s recent transition towards a market economy. Over the past twenty-five years, urban transport in Russia has undergone …

2015 | Book

Intercity Transport and Climate Change

Strategies for Reducing the Carbon Footprint

While intercity passenger transport counts for about 2% of the total passenger transport volume the share of the total passenger kilometers traveled is estimated more than one third. In many countries the major part of intercity transport is performe

2013 | Book

Transport Development in Asian Megacities

A New Perspective

The rapid growth of the Asian urban population concentrates on a few large cities, turning them into giant megacities. Despite new theoretical insights into the benefits of megacities, the emerging Asia is facing a daunting challenge concerning th

2012 | Book

Network Reliability in Practice

Selected Papers from the Fourth International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability

This book contains selected peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability (INSTR) Conference held at the University of Minnesota July 22-23, 2010. International scholars, from

2011 | Book

Transport Moving to Climate Intelligence

New Chances for Controlling Climate Impacts of Transport after the Economic Crisis

Transportation contributes to roughly a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, and as a growing sector of the economy, its contribution to climate change, if remained unchanged, could even grow. This is particularly true in the developing world, where

2011 | Book

Evolving Transportation Networks

Over the last two centuries, the development of modern transportation has significantly transformed human life. The main theme of this book is to understand the complexity of transportation development and model the process of network growth includin

2004 | Book

Assessing the Benefits and Costs of ITS

Making the Business Case for ITS Investments

The 17 chapters in this book, which evolved from a conference on measuring the contributions of ITS sponsored by the California Department of Transportation in February 2002, examine the costs and benefits of ITS in an economic and business policy …

1999 | Book

Economics of the U.S. Commercial Airline Industry: Productivity, Technology and Deregulation

Economics of the U.S. Commercial Airline Industry: Productivity, Technology and Deregulation illustrates the impact of upstream technological change in capital goods (aircraft and aircraft engines) on demand, productivity, and cost reduction in …

1999 | Book

Economics of Urban Highway Congestion and Pricing

Economics of Urban Highway Congestion and Pricing offers the most extensive examination to date of the relationship between congestion tolls and highway capacity in the long run. This study breaks new ground in the economic theory of optimal road …

1998 | Book

Winning Airlines

Productivity and Cost Competitiveness of the World’s Major Airlines

Major institutional, regulatory, and structural changes have occurred in international air transport during the past two decades. Many countries have deregulated their domestic airline industries and open skies continental blocs have formed in …

1998 | Book

The Economics of Railroad Safety

The American public has a fascination with railroad wrecks that goes back a long way. One hundred years ago, staged railroad accidents were popular events. At the Iowa State fair in 1896, 89,000 people paid $20 each, at current prices, to see two …

1997 | Book

Panels for Transportation Planning

Methods and Applications

Panels for Transportation Planning argues that panels - repeated measurements on the same sets of households or individuals over time - can more effectively capture dynamic changes in travel behavior, and the factors which underlie these changes …

1996 | Book

Transport, Land-Use and the Environment

Coordination of land use and transport is one of the most important issues in urban planning from the viewpoint of transport infrastructure supply and amenity in urban space. There has been, therefore, much research conducted in the fields of …

1995 | Book

Road Pricing: Theory, Empirical Assessment and Policy

Road pricing (tolls, etc.) as a means of generating revenue for infrastructure investment has become a major policy option in both Europe and North America. It can also be used as a policy in the management of traffic demand and flow …

1994 | Book

Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning

Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning contains a refreshing approach to transportation planning by integrating impact analysis and evaluation methodology. It is original in that impact assessment and evaluation are brought …

1993 | Book

A Billion Trips a Day

Tradition and Transition in European Travel Patterns

A Billion Trips a Day: Tradition and Transition in European Travel Patterns consists of twenty-four original chapters developed by a network of transport professionals in a coordinated manner. The three parts of the book are: European Mobility …