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Providing Urban Infrastructure Using Land-Based Financing Mechanisms. A Collaboration Between State and Non-state Actors in Ghana

The rapid urbanization of cities in the Global South, and indeed Ghanaian cities has left many Municipalities grappling with a widening gap in infrastructure need. This is largely due to limited financial resources to expand infrastructure to keep …

27-09-2021 Open Access

Mediating Knowledge Co-Production for Inclusive Governance and Delivery of Food, Water and Energy Services in African Cities

Rising rates of urbanisation in Africa, without attendant improvements in critical infrastructure, have occasioned gaps in the provision of basic services in cities across the continent. Different systems and scales of service delivery — …

23-09-2021 | Original Research Open Access

First-Class but not for Long: Heterogeneous Infrastructure and Water Bricolage in Accra’s Kiosk Compounds

This paper explores the micro-geographies of water access in the context of a first-class residential neighborhood of Accra served by the city’s networked infrastructure. We focus our analyses on how water is accessed and supplied to six kiosk …


Megaprojects in the Context of Neoliberalism: Socio-Economic and Spatial Impacts of the Proposed Dig-Out Port in Durban, South Africa

Megaprojects transform urban landscapes in many cities around the world and take the form of large development projects such as railways, bridges, ports, dams, shopping malls and iconic skyscrapers. For cities, megaprojects act as marketing and …


Urban Climate Change Governance within Centralised Governments: a Case Study of Giza, Egypt

Urban climate governance on the subnational and local government levels requires multilevel governance and local autonomy. Within centralised governments, climate action becomes challenging. Moreover, in developing countries, development needs are …

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About this journal

This journal addresses the broad developmental issues of urbanization in the Third World, providing a distinctive African focus on the subject. It examines urban societies from a variety of perspectives, including: issues of local governance, the role of city planning in free market systems, and the impact of multiethnic and multicultural formations in urban affairs.

Urban Forum makes a special effort to examine specific cities in developing nations as legal and cultural entities in their own right. It functions as a core journal in sociology, political science and economics, as well as urban studies.

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