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23-03-2016 | Issue 3/2016 Open Access

Journal of Science Teacher Education 3/2016

Using an Attribution Support Tool to Enhance the Teacher Efficacy of Student Science Teachers

Journal of Science Teacher Education > Issue 3/2016
Eveline de Boer, Fred J. J. M. Janssen, Jan H. van Driel


To increase the teacher efficacy of student teachers, they need positive classroom experiences: mastery experiences. These mastery experiences have to be created by the student teachers themselves. Therefore, student teachers need a tool to better understand problematic teaching experiences and help them create positive classroom experiences. Nine student biology teachers used this attribution support tool when reflecting on multiple lessons taught in classes they considered difficult. They scored their lessons and filled in a teacher efficacy questionnaire after each lesson. The results show that teacher efficacy increased and the number of failures during the lessons decreased; on average, the self-awarded marks per teacher per lesson increased, indicating an increase in mastery experiences. Therefore, the attribution tool seems to be a promising tool for student teachers to enhance their teacher efficacy and to support reflection on problematic teaching experiences.
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