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Published in: ATZ worldwide 1/2022

01-01-2022 | Development

Validation of Automated Driving Functions Using Real and Synthetic Radar Data

Authors: Patrick Schnöll, Axel Schneider, Stephan Hakuli, Dr. Andreas Höfer

Published in: ATZ worldwide | Issue 1/2022

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The innovation pressure on manufacturers shortens the development cycles of new advanced driver assistance systems and highly automated driving functions while increasing both complexity and cost pressures. Added to these factors are the weak points of conventional test strategies, such as lack of vehicle capacities and the complexity-induced exponential growth of testing requirements. Only by consistent inclusion of virtual test methods can robust architectural decisions be made at an early stage, and hence the proportion of test kilometers to be driven in the real world minimized. This article by Continental Engineering Services and IPG Automotive describes the parallel use of real and synthetic radar raw data and explains how this can benefit both development and testing of the driving function concerned. …
Validation of Automated Driving Functions Using Real and Synthetic Radar Data
Patrick Schnöll
Axel Schneider
Stephan Hakuli
Dr. Andreas Höfer
Publication date
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
Published in
ATZ worldwide / Issue 1/2022
Electronic ISSN: 2192-9076

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