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06-11-2020 | Vehicle Acoustics + NVH | News | Article

Jaguar Land Rover Offers Active Noise Cancellation

Patrick Schäfer
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Jaguar Land Rover has developed a noise cancellation system designed to remove disruptive road and tyre noise from the vehicle interior. The technology will be used in newer vehicles. 

Jaguar has developed an active road noise cancellation system that will be used in the Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF and Range Rover Velar models produced from 2021 onwards. The active noise cancellation is designed to reduce disruptive noise peaks by ten decibels and overall noise levels by three to four decibels. Reducing low-frequency noises up to 300 Hz can help to prevent driver fatigue during long journeys.

The automotive manufacturer explains that the system, which is enabled by technology specialist Silentium, works similarly to noise cancellation systems in headphones. Road and tyre noise are recorded in real time by sensors on all four wheels and are overridden by a pre-calculated opposite frequency played through the in-car speakers. The system also uses data on seat occupancy so that all passengers in the vehicle can benefit from the noise cancellation.

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