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05-01-2024 | Vehicle Acoustics + NVH | Editor´s Pick | News

H2 Engine from Keyou Quieter than Diesel

Author: Christiane Köllner

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Keyou trucks with hydrogen engines are only half as loud as their diesel counterparts. This has now been shown by measurements carried out by the Fraunhofer IML.

As part of the "Low-noise logistics mobility study", the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), in cooperation with Peutz Consult, measured the noise emissions of selected trucks with alternative drive systems during driving and maneuvering movements. Keyou was also part of the real measurements with its 18-tonne prototype truck with a "Keyou-inside" hydrogen engine. The result: At low speeds, the hydrogen combustion engine is only perceived to be around half as loud as comparable diesel trucks.

"The measurements for the truck with the hydrogen engine showed a level around 11 dB lower for the constant pass-by at 20 km/h, compared to the typical approach from the literature. In terms of the constant pass-by at 30 km/h, the level measured at 50.8 dB is approx. 10 dB lower, while the difference in level is 7.5 dB for the accelerated pass-by. The KEYOU truck is therefore only about half as loud as a conventional diesel truck", explains Michael Wirtz, project manager for the measurements at Peutz Consult GmbH.

Background Noise of Hydrogen Trucks Comparable to E-Trucks

In addition to the Keyou prototype, various other trucks with alternative drive systems were tested. An initial comparison of the results shows: The hydrogen truck is also in no way inferior to an electric truck in terms of noise emissions: "Our measurements hardly showed any differences between hydrogen and electric trucks, especially when passing consistently in the lower speed range of up to 30 km/h," explains Wirtz.

According to Daniela Kirsch, project manager at Fraunhofer IML, there is currently no market overview or standardized data on noise emissions from alternatively powered commercial vehicles in logistics use in Germany. With the study, the Fraunhofer IML wants to contribute to the development of a uniform regulation and develop standards for the measurement of noise emissions. "By creating a manual for the evaluation of noise emissions from trucks with alternative drive systems for urban deliveries, we want to make the work of municipalities and approval authorities easier in the future," says Kirsch.


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