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11-01-2022 | Vehicle Security | News | Article

Svolt and Soteria BIG Improve Lithium-ion Battery Safety

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Svolt and Soteria Battery Innovation Group are improving battery safety. The use of novel separators and arrester films are designed to prevent thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries.                                                                             

Svolt Energy Technology is using Soteria Battery Innovation Group’s new arrester foil technology in future lithium-ion batteries. The battery research consortium’s thin metallized arrester films increase battery energy density, reduce battery weight and allow battery cells to be used even after defects. According to the company, cells with Soteria technology operate at over 85 % capacity even after severe damage. In addition, the technology is said to prevent thermal runaway of batteries caused, for example, by impurities in the production process or short circuits in the event of an accident.

The polymer films metallized on both sides as arrester foils of Soteria BIG act like a fuse inside the battery at the cell level. The separators with Soteria technology are fiber-based and consist of cellulose and aramid fibers, among other materials. These have very high thermal resistance, so lithium-ion batteries will continue to function even after damage. Svolt is planning 5-Ah, 10-Ah, 20-Ah and 60-Ah pouch cells, as well as 60-Ah prismatic cells for all-electric vehicles. "Soteria BIG is an open consortium with more than 100 consortium members researching and working together on important battery technologies. Svolt has already been a member of the consortium since July 2019 and is a very important partner for us because the company is the first to bring our technology commercially to market", said Kai Pöhler, Director Business Development Europe Soteria BIG.


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