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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Table of Contents ( 27 Articles )

11-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Improved Desalination Pipeline System Utilizing the Temperature Difference under Sub-Atmospheric Pressure

Koosha Aghazadeh, Reza Attarnejad

06-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Locating Optimal Position of Pumping Wells in Aquifer Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms and Finite Element Method

Abolfazl Akbarpour, Mohammad Javad Zeynali, Mohammad Nazeri Tahroudi

06-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Locating of Probabilistic Leakage Areas in Water Distribution Networks by a Calibration Method Using the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Reza Moasheri, Mohammadreza Jalili-Ghazizadeh

13-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Overland Flow along Stone Covered Slope Land Simulated with Semi-Analytical and Numerical Models

Ting Yang, Lijun Su, Laosheng Wu, Quanjiu Wang

06-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Reduction of the Criteria System for Identifying Effective Reservoirs in the Joint Operation of a Flood Control System

Jieyu Li, Ping-an Zhong, Feilin Zhu, Juan Chen, Minzhi Yang, Jisi Fu, Weifeng Liu

17-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Laboratory Investigation of Stilling Basin Slope Effect on Bed Scour at Downstream of Stepped Spillway: Physical Modeling of Javeh RCC Dam

Elnaz Eghlidi, Gholam-Abbas Barani, Kourosh Qaderi

19-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Optimizing Operation Rules of Cascade Reservoirs for Adapting Climate Change

Shaokun He, Shenglian Guo, Guang Yang, Kebing Chen, Dedi Liu, Yanlai Zhou

14-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Approximation of Metro Water District Basin Using Parallel Computing of Emulator Based Spatial Optimization (PCESO)

Venkatesh Budamala, Amit Baburao Mahindrakar

09-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Decision Tree-Based Data Mining and Rule Induction for Identifying High Quality Groundwater Zones to Water Supply Management: a Novel Hybrid Use of Data Mining and GIS

Mehrdad Jeihouni, Ara Toomanian, Ali Mansourian

16-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Priorities and Preferences in Water Quality Management - a Case Study of the Alsterån River Basin

Kristina Ek, Lars Persson

08-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Transforming Vulnerability Indexing for Saltwater Intrusion into Risk Indexing through a Fuzzy Catastrophe Scheme

Sina Sadeghfam, Rahman Khatibi, Rasoul Daneshfaraz, Hamid Borhan Rashidi

17-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

NeStRes – Model for Operation of Non-Strategic Reservoirs for Irrigation in Drylands: Model Description and Application to a Semiarid Basin

Paulilo Brasil, Pedro Medeiros

13-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

An Integrated Decision Support Framework for Incorporating Fairness and Stability Concerns into River Water Allocation

Jianan Qin, Xiang Fu, Shaoming Peng, Sha Huang

11-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Comparative Study of Pressure Control Modes Impact on Water Distribution System Performance

Mouna Doghri, Sophie Duchesne, Annie Poulin, Jean-Pierre Villeneuve

03-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

A Double-Layer Dynamic Differential Game Model for the Optimal Trading Quantity of Water and Price Setting in Water Rights Transactions

Danyang Di, Zening Wu, Huiliang Wang, Cuimei Lv

10-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Using AR, MA, and ARMA Time Series Models to Improve the Performance of MARS and KNN Approaches in Monthly Precipitation Modeling under Limited Climatic Data

Saeid Mehdizadeh

12-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Regional Analysis of Flow Duration Curves through Support Vector Regression

Mehdi Vafakhah, Saeid Khosrobeigi Bozchaloei

13-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Hybrid Constructed Wetland Selection as a Group Decision-Making Problem

Zorica Srđević, Bojan Srđević, Kosana Suvočarev, Laslo Galamboš

16-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Satellite-Based Water Quality Mapping from Sequential Simulation with Parameter Outlier Removal

Hone-Jay Chu, Mạnh Van Nguyen, Lalu Muhamad Jaelani

13-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Multi-Model Approach to Assess the Dynamics of Hydrologic Components in a Tropical Ecosystem

Ankur Srivastava, Proloy Deb, Nikul Kumari

21-12-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Dam Projects: The Perspectives of Resettled and Non-resettled Communities

Łukasz Wiejaczka, Danuta Piróg, Joanna Fidelus-Orzechowska

03-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

Multicore Parallel Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Short-Term Hydro-Unit Load Dispatching of Huge Hydropower Stations Serving Multiple Power Grids

Shengli Liao, Jie Liu, Benxi Liu, Chuntian Cheng, Lingan Zhou, Huijun Wu

02-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

Multicriteria Decision Model to Establish Maintenance Priorities for Wells in a Groundwater System

Leydiana de Sousa Pereira, Danielle Costa Morais

03-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

A Scenario-Driven Assessment of the Economic Feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting Using Optimized Storage

Chidozie Charles Nnaji, Clinton Aigbavboa

02-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

The Water-Economy Nexus: a Composite Index Approach to Evaluate Urban Water Vulnerability

L. Haak, K. Pagilla

02-01-2020 | Issue 1/2020

Simulating Unsaturated Zone of Soil for Estimating the Recharge Rate and Flow Exchange Between a River and an Aquifer

Masoomeh Zeinali, Arash Azari, Mohammad Mehdi Heidari

11-12-2019 | Correction | Issue 1/2020

Correction to: Development of a Fuzzy Multi-Objective Heuristic Model for Optimum Water Allocation

Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib, Mahmoud Mohammad Rezapour Tabari, Mohsen Mohammad Rezapour Tabari

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