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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 12/2008

Issue 12/2008

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Design-Operation of Multi-Hydropower Reservoirs: HBMO Approach

Omid Bozorg Haddad, Abbas Afshar, Miguel A. Mariño

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Methods for Integrating an Extensive Geodatabase with 3D Modeling and Data Management Tools for the Virttaankangas Artificial Recharge Project, Southwestern Finland

Aki Artimo, Sami Saraperä, Iikka Ylander

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Lumped Approach to a Multi-Period–Multi-Reservoir Cyclic Storage System Optimization

Abbas Afshar, Leila Ostadrahimi, Abdollah Ardeshir, Saeed Alimohammadi

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Estimating the Potential Impacts of Irrigation Water Pricing Using Multicriteria Decision Making Modelling. An Application to Northern Greece

D. Latinopoulos

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Soil Erosion Assessment in a Hilly Catchment of North Eastern India Using USLE, GIS and Remote Sensing

P. P. Dabral, Neelakshi Baithuri, Ashish Pandey

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

In the Midst of the Large Dam Controversy: Objectives, Criteria for Assessing Large Water Storages in the Developing World

Zankhana Shah, M. Dinesh Kumar

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Evaluating Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Potable Water Quality and Quantity

M. Genius, E. Hatzaki, E. M. Kouromichelaki, G. Kouvakis, S. Nikiforaki, K. P. Tsagarakis

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Partially and Fully Constrained Ant Algorithms for the Optimal Solution of Large Scale Reservoir Operation Problems

M. H. Afshar, R. Moeini

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Hydrological Impacts of Flood Storage and Management on Irrigation Water Abstraction in Upper Ewaso Ng’iro River Basin, Kenya

Stephen N. Ngigi, Hubert H. G. Savenije, Francis N. Gichuki

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Transfer Function Formulation of Saint-Venant’s Equations for Modeling Drainage Channel Flow: An Experimental Evaluation

P. Sreeja, Kapil Gupta

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Hydraulic Parameters of Coastal Aquifer Systems by Direct Methods and an Extended Tide–Aquifer Interaction Technique

Madan K. Jha, Deldan Namgial, Y. Kamii, Stefan Peiffer

01-12-2008 | Issue 12/2008

Groundwater Depletion in the Jordan Highlands: Can Pricing Policies Regulate Irrigation Water Use?

Jean-Philippe Venot, François Molle

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