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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 12/2012

Issue 12/2012

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Impacts and Implications of Major Changes Caused by the Three Gorges Dam in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

Zhandong Sun, Qun Huang, Christian Opp, Thomas Hennig, Ulf Marold

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Identifying the Criteria Set for Multicriteria Decision Making Based on SWOT/PESTLE Analysis: A Case Study of Reconstructing A Water Intake Structure

Zorica Srdjevic, Ratko Bajcetic, Bojan Srdjevic

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

The Development of Water Allocation Management in The Yellow River Basin

Chun Xia, Claudia Pahl-Wostl

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

The Value of Snow Depletion Forecasting Methods Towards Operational Snowmelt Runoff Estimation Using MODIS and Numerical Weather Prediction Data

Aynur Şensoy, Gökçen Uysal

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Optimization of Sewer Networks Using an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Ali Haghighi, Amin E. Bakhshipour

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Discretized and Continuous Target Fields for the Reservoir Release Rules During Floods

Chih-Chiang Wei

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Risk Evaluation of Water Shortage in Source Area of Middle Route Project for South-to-North Water Transfer in China

Wenquan Gu, Dongguo Shao, Yufang Jiang

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Downstream Hydrological Impacts of Hydropower Development in the Upper Mekong Basin

Timo A. Räsänen, Jorma Koponen, Hannu Lauri, Matti Kummu

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Sensitivity of Simulating Hydrologic Processes to Gauge and Radar Rainfall Data in Subtropical Coastal Catchments

Jairo N. Diaz-Ramirez, William H. McAnally, James L. Martin

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Forecasting Urban Water Demand Via Wavelet-Denoising and Neural Network Models. Case Study: City of Syracuse, Italy

Salvatore Campisi-Pinto, Jan Adamowski, Gideon Oron

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Modeling Uncertainty Resulting from Multiple Downscaling Methods in Assessing Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change

Subimal Ghosh, Sudhir Katkar

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

PROMETHEE with Precedence Order in the Criteria (PPOC) as a New Group Decision Making Aid: An Application in Urban Water Supply Management

Abbas Roozbahani, Banafsheh Zahraie, Massoud Tabesh

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Water and Sediment Quality in Lakes along the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

Jinglu Wu, Haiao Zeng, Hong Yu, Long Ma, Longsheng Xu, Boqiang Qin

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Spatial Pattern Characterization and Multivariate Hydrological Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation in the Pearl River Basin, China

Lingling Zhao, Jun Xia, Leszek Sobkowiak, Zhonggen Wang, Fengrui Guo

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Prediction of Daily Pan Evaporation using Wavelet Neural Networks

Hirad Abghari, Hojjat Ahmadi, Sina Besharat, Vahid Rezaverdinejad

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Letter to the Editor on “Precipitation Forecasting Using Wavelet-Genetic Programming and Wavelet-Neuro-Fuzzy Conjunction Models” by Ozgur Kisi & Jalal Shiri [Water Resources Management 25 (2011) 3135–3152]

Darren J. Beriro, Robert J. Abrahart, Nick J. Mount, C. Paul Nathanail

01-09-2012 | Issue 12/2012

REPLY to Discussion of “Precipitation Forecasting Using Wavelet-Genetic Programming and Wavelet-Neuro-Fuzzy Conjunction Models”

Ozgur Kisi, Jalal Shiri

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