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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 12/2020

Issue 12/2020

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

12-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Estimation of Suspended Sediment Concentration by M5 Model Tree Based on Hydrological and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Data

Javad Zahiri, Zeynab Mollaee, Mohammad Reza Ansari

23-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

A Numerical Study of Hydrodynamic Processes and Flood Mitigation in a Large River-lake System

Hongwu Tang, Hao Cao, Saiyu Yuan, Yang Xiao, Chenyu Jiang, Carlo Gualtieri

16-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Environmental and Economic Approach to Assess a Horizontal Sub-Surface Flow Wetland in Developing Area

Carme Machí Castañer, Águeda Bellver-Domingo, Francesc Hernández-Sancho

18-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Hydrological Response to Agricultural Land Use Heterogeneity Using Variable Infiltration Capacity Model

Ankur Srivastava, Nikul Kumari, Minotshing Maza

20-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

A New Interval Two-stage Stochastic Programming with CVaR for Water Resources Management

Min Zhang, Kaiyan Xi

15-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Proper Sizing of Infiltration Trenches Using Closed-Form Analytical Equations

Jun Wang, Yiping Guo

17-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Optimal Allocation of Water Reuse Using Modified TODIM-GP Approach with Considering the Leopold Matrix Outputs

Behnam Fooladi Dehaghi, Ali Khoshfetrat

24-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Adaptation of Water Resources System to Water Scarcity and Climate Change in the Suburb Area of Megacities

Aida Mehrazar, Ali Reza Massah Bavani, Alireza Gohari, Mahmoud Mashal, Hadisseh Rahimikhoob

24-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

FingerPro: an R Package for Tracking the Provenance of Sediment

Ivan Lizaga, Borja Latorre, Leticia Gaspar, Ana Navas

28-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Novel Leakage Detection and Localization Method Based on Line Spectrum Pair and Cubic Interpolation Search

Guancheng Guo, Xipeng Yu, Shuming Liu, Xiyan Xu, Ziqing Ma, Xiaoting Wang, Yujun Huang, Kate Smith

25-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Stochastic Simulation of Daily Suspended Sediment Concentration Using Multivariate Copulas

Yang Peng, Xianliang Yu, Hongxiang Yan, Jipeng Zhang

22-08-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Risk, Drinking Water and Harmful Algal Blooms: A Contingent Valuation of Water Bans

Marie-Pier Schinck, Chloé L’Ecuyer-Sauvageau, Justin Leroux, Charlène Kermagoret, Jérôme Dupras

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