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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 2/2005

Issue 2/2005

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Impacts of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Landscape Level Measures on Hydrological Processes

JoÃo C. Azevedo, Jimmy R. Williams, Michael G. Messina, Richard F. Fisher

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Derivation of Optimal Hedging Rules for a Water-supply Reservoir through Compromise Programming

J. T. Shiau, H. C. Lee

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Estimation of Potential Soil Erosion for River Perkerra Catchment in Kenya

J. O. Onyando, P. Kisoyan, M. C. Chemelil

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Operating Policy of a Multipurpose Reservoir

Juran Ali Ahmed, Arup Kumar Sarma

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Delineation of Source Protection Zones Using Statistical Methods

Fritz Stauffer, Alberto Guadagnini, Adrian Butler, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Neeltje Van De Wiel, Mahmoud Bakr, Monica Riva, Laura Guadagnini

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Product Policy as an Instrument for Water Quality Management

J. A. Van Ast, K. Le Blansch, F. Boons, S. Slingerland

01-04-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Impact Assessment of Different Management Scenarios on Water Quality of Porsuk River and Dam System – Turkey

Ayse Muhammetoglu, Habib Muhammetoglu, Sedat Oktas, Levent Ozgokcen, Selcuk Soyupak

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