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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 4/2009

Issue 4/2009

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Evaluation of Artificial Neural Network Techniques for Municipal Water Consumption Modeling

Mahmut Firat, Mehmet Ali Yurdusev, Mustafa Erkan Turan

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Evaluating Economic Value of Coastal Waterfront in Tokyo Bay, Japan with Willingness-to-Accept Measure

Guofang Zhai, Takeshi Suzuki

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Application of Optimal Control and Fuzzy Theory for Dynamic Groundwater Remediation Design

Hone-Jay Chu, Liang-Cheng Chang

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

An Inexact Chance-constrained Quadratic Programming Model for Stream Water Quality Management

X. S. Qin, G. H. Huang

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Improved Reservoir Operation Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Neurofuzzy Computing

Panuwat Pinthong, Ashim Das Gupta, Mukand Singh Babel, Sutat Weesakul

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Mathematical Modelling for the Integrated Management of Water Resources in Hydrological Basins

Humberto Silva-Hidalgo, Ignacio R. Martín-Domínguez, María Teresa Alarcón-Herrera, Alfredo Granados-Olivas

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Cost–Effectiveness Analysis of Water Management Measures in Two River Basins of Jordan and Lebanon

Stéphanie Aulong, Madjid Bouzit, Nathalie Dörfliger

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Spatial Analysis of Water Use in Oregon, USA, 1985–2005

Jon Franczyk, Heejun Chang

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Geostatistical Assessment of Groundwater Nitrate Contamination with Reflection on DRASTIC Vulnerability Assessment: The Case of the Upper Litani Basin, Lebanon

H. Assaf, M. Saadeh

01-03-2009 | Issue 4/2009

Application of the Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for the Optimization of a General Large-Scale Water Supply System

Gunhui Chung, Kevin Lansey

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