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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 6/2009

Issue 6/2009

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Water Productivity in a Rigid Irrigation Delivery System

Noor ul Hassan Zardari, Ian Cordery

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Chemical Evaluation of Ma’an Sewage Effluents and its Reuse in Irrigation Purposes

Omar Ali Al-Khashman

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Development of Data and Information Centre System to Improve Water Resources Management in Indonesia

Mohamad Ali Fulazzaky, Hilman Akil

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Incorporating Eco-environmental Water Requirements in Integrated Evaluation of Water Quality and Quantity—A Study for the Yellow River

Xinghui Xia, Zhifeng Yang, Yuxiang Wu

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

The Assessment of Irrigation Efficiency in Buyuk Menderes Basin

Baris Yilmaz, Mehmet Ali Yurdusev, Nilgun B. Harmancioglu

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Estimating Groundwater Withdrawal in Poorly Gauged Agricultural Basins

I. K. Tsanis, M. G. Apostolaki

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Using NDVI from MODIS to Monitor Duckweed Bloom in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Lawrence M. Kiage, Nan D. Walker

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

A GIS-based DRASTIC Model for Assessing Aquifer Vulnerability in Kherran Plain, Khuzestan, Iran

M. Chitsazan, Y. Akhtari

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

Variability of Water Resource in the Yellow River Basin of Past 50 Years, China

Qiang Zhang, Chong-Yu Xu, Tao Yang

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

A Proposal and Application of the Integrated Benefit Assessment Model for Urban Water Resources Exploitation and Utilization

Wang Xiaoqin

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009

A Dissipative Hydrological Model for the Hotan Oasis (DHMHO)

Changsen Zhao, Bing Shen, Lingmei Huang, Zhidong Lei, Heping Hu, Shixiu Yang

01-04-2009 | Issue 6/2009 Open Access

Interactive Actor Analysis for Rural Water Management in The Netherlands: An Application of the Transactional Approach

Jos Timmermans

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