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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 8/2019

Issue 8/2019

Table of Contents ( 22 Articles )

01-06-2019 | Issue 8/2019

A Study on Bayesian Principal Component Analysis for Addressing Missing Rainfall Data

Wai Yan Lai, K. K. Kuok

23-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Uncertainty analysis in the detection of trends, cycles, and shifts in water resources time series

Marcelo Coelho, Cristovão Vicente Scapulatempo Fernandes, Daniel Henrique Marco Detzel

16-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Optimal Reservoir Flood Control Operation Using a Hedging Model and Considering the Near-Field Vibrations Induced by Flood Release

Ji-Jian Lian, Xin-Yu Guo, Chao Ma, Kui Xu

11-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Determination of the Optimal River Basin-Wide Agricultural Water Demand Quantities Meeting Satisfactory Reliability Levels

Kian Fadaeizadeh, Mojtaba Shourian

21-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Generalized Storage Equations for Flood Routing with Nonlinear Muskingum Models

Omid Bozorg-Haddad, Mehri Abdi-Dehkordi, Farzan Hamedi, Maryam Pazoki, Hugo A. Loáiciga

01-06-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Establishing and Calibrating the Model of a Coastal Aquifer with Limited Data for Assessing the Safety of the Groundwater Exploitation

Alexandros I. Ziogas, Vassilios K. Kaleris

27-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Optimal Design for Pressurized Irrigation Subunits with a Minimum Cost and Maximum Area for Uniformly Sloping Fields

Penghui Ma, Yajin Hu, Hansheng Liu

14-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

A New Approach for Analyzing Drawdown Data from a Partially Penetrating Well

Emin Ciftci

31-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Multi-Reservoir System Optimization Based on Hybrid Gravitational Algorithm to Minimize Water-Supply Deficiencies

Hojat Karami, Saeed Farzin, Aylin Jahangiri, Mohammad Ehteram, Ozgur Kisi, Ahmed El-Shafie

17-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Sensor Placement Strategy for Pipeline Condition Assessment Using Inverse Transient Analysis

Chi Zhang, Jinzhe Gong, Martin F. Lambert, Angus R. Simpson, Aaron C. Zecchin

21-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Integrated Hydro-Economic Modeling for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Data-Scarce Areas: The Case of Lake Karla Watershed in Greece

A. Alamanos, D. Latinopoulos, G. Papaioannou, N. Mylopoulos

04-06-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Time-Varying Discrete Hedging Rules for Drought Contingency Plan Considering Long-Range Dependency in Streamflow

Seung Beom Seo, Young-Oh Kim, Shin-Uk Kang

27-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Water Resources Allocation in Transboundary River Basins Based on a Game Model Considering Inflow Forecasting Errors

Jisi Fu, Ping-an Zhong, Juan Chen, Bin Xu, Feilin Zhu, Yu Zhang

20-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Simulation of Groundwater Flow in an Unconfined Sloping Aquifer Using the Element-Free Galerkin Method

Tinesh Pathania, Andrea Bottacin-Busolin, A. K. Rastogi, T. I. Eldho

24-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Stochastic Optimal Reservoir Operation Management, Applying Group Conflict Resolution Model

Alireza Mojarabi-Kermani, Ehsan Shirangi, Amin Bordbar, Amir Abbas Kaman Bedast, Alireza Masjedi

16-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Evaluation of the VIKOR and FOWA Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Climate-Change Adaptation of Agricultural Water Supply

Parvin Golfam, Parisa-Sadat Ashofteh, Hugo A. Loáiciga

16-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Mixed General Extreme Value Distribution for Estimation of Future Precipitation Quantiles Using a Weighted Ensemble - Case Study of the Lim River Basin (Serbia)

Milan Stojkovic, Slobodan P. Simonovic

30-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

A Comparative Study of MLR, KNN, ANN and ANFIS Models with Wavelet Transform in Monthly Stream Flow Prediction

Ahmad Khazaee Poul, Mojtaba Shourian, Hadi Ebrahimi

11-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Water Distribution Networks Resilience Analysis: a Comparison between Graph Theory-Based Approaches and Global Resilience Analysis

Alessandro Pagano, Chris Sweetapple, Raziyeh Farmani, Raffaele Giordano, David Butler

14-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Wavelet-Nonlinear Cointegration Prediction of Irrigation Water in the Irrigation District

Jinping Zhang, Hongbin Li, Xixi Shi, Yang Hong

16-05-2019 | Issue 8/2019

An Approach for Estimating Monthly Curve Number Based on Remotely-Sensed MODIS Leaf Area Index Products

Zahra Parisay, Vahedberdi Sheikh, Abdolreza Bahremand, Chooghi Bairam Komaki, Khodayar Abdollahi

24-05-2019 | Correction | Issue 8/2019

Correction to: A Recursive Approach to Long-Term Prediction of Monthly Precipitation Using Genetic Programming

Suning Liu, Haiyun Shi

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