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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 9/2020

Issue 9/2020

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

01-07-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Numerical Simulation of the Water Surface Movement with Macroscopic Particles of Dam Break Flow for Various Obstacles

Alibek Issakhov, Medina Imanberdiyeva

12-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

A Neighbourhood-Level Analysis of the Impact of Common Urban Forms on Energy Use in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Hannah Wong, Yves R. Filion, Vanessa Speight

22-05-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Water Balance Components and Their Projected Changes in Near-future Under Climate Change Over Sina Basin, India

Saswata Nandi, Janga Reddy Manne

11-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Coupled Model of Variable Fuzzy Sets and the Analytic Hierarchy Process and its Application to the Social and Environmental Impact Evaluation of Dam Breaks

Guanjie He, Junrui Chai, Yuan Qin, Zengguang Xu, Shouyi Li

10-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Developments in Multi-Objective Dynamic Optimization Algorithm for Design of Water Distribution Mains

Amin Minaei, Adell Moradi Sabzkouhi, Ali Haghighi, Enrico Creaco

18-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Optimization of the Discharge and Energy Dissipation for a Real Hydro-Junction Project Based upon SPH Simulations

Jinbo Lin, Congfang Ai, Sheng Jin, Weiye Ding

19-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Two-Phase Risk Hedging Rules for Informing Conservation of Flood Resources in Reservoir Operation Considering Inflow Forecast Uncertainty

Bin Xu, Xin Huang, Ping-an Zhong, Yenan Wu

23-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Reservoir Inflow Synchronization Analysis for Four Reservoirs on a Mainstream and its Tributaries in Flood Season Based on a Multivariate Copula Model

Wu Zening, He Chentao, Huiliang Wang, Qian Zhang

29-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Decentralized Water Supply Management Model: a Case Study of Public Policies for the Utilization of Rainwater

Suélen Fernandes, Mariele Canal Bonfante, Carla Tognato de Oliveira, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Lucila M. S. Campos

01-07-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Real-time Extreme Rainfall Evaluation System for the Construction Industry Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Chih-Chiang Wei

10-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Bayesian Inverse Transient Analysis for Pipeline Condition Assessment: Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification

Chi Zhang, Martin F. Lambert, Jinzhe Gong, Aaron C. Zecchin, Angus R. Simpson, Mark L. Stephens

09-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Calculation Method for the Early Warning Index of Sudden Water Pollution Based on the Linear Variation Assumption of the Substance Concentration in the River Network

Dayong Li, Zengchuan Dong, Chuanhai Wang, Jintao Liu, Hongyi Yao

08-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Multipurpose Reservoir Operation: a Multi-Scale Tradeoff Analysis between Hydropower Generation and Irrigated Agriculture

Jose M. Gonzalez, Marcelo A. Olivares, Josué Medellín-Azuara, Rodrigo Moreno

27-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Pressure-Pipe Breaks Relationship in Water Distribution Networks: A Statistical Analysis

Iman Moslehi, Mohammadreza Jalili_Ghazizadeh

23-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Adaptive and Improved Multi-population Based Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms for Water Pump Station Scheduling

Luca de O. Turci, Jingcheng Wang, Ibrahim Brahmia

01-07-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Through Some Machine Learning Models in Semi-arid Regions

Pezhman Allahbakhshian-Farsani, Mehdi Vafakhah, Hadi Khosravi-Farsani, Elke Hertig

07-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Evaluation of the Influence of Occurrence Time of Drought on the Annual Yield of Rain-Fed Winter Wheat Using Backward Multiple Generalized Estimation Equation

Abdol Rassoul Zarei, Ali Shabani, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi

17-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Annual and Monthly Dam Inflow Prediction Using Bayesian Networks

Parisa Noorbeh, Abbas Roozbahani, Hamid Kardan Moghaddam

26-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Transferability of a Conceptual Hydrological Model across Different Temporal Scales and Basin Sizes

Sheng Sheng, Hua Chen, Fu-Qiang Guo, Jie Chen, Chong-Yu Xu, Sheng-lian Guo

01-07-2020 | Issue 9/2020

The Impact of Pavement Permeability on Time of Concentration in a Small Urban Watershed with a Semi-Arid Climate

Mahya Sadat Ghazi Zadeh Hashemi, Masoud Tajrishy, Ehsan Jalilvand

30-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Detection and Assessment of Post Meter Leakages in Public Places Using Smart Water Metering

Ayse Muhammetoglu, Yalçın Albayrak, Mustafa Bolbol, Simge Enderoglu, Habib Muhammetoglu

27-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cascaded Hydropower Reservoirs Considering Inflow Forecasts

Wei Xu, Xiaoli Zhang, Anbang Peng, Yue Liang

26-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Multimodel Ensemble Projection of Hydro-climatic Extremes for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources

Getachew Tegegne, Assefa M. Melesse

30-06-2020 | Issue 9/2020

Improvement of Best First Decision Trees Using Bagging and Dagging Ensembles for Flood Probability Mapping

Peyman Yariyan, Saeid Janizadeh, Tran Van Phong, Huu Duy Nguyen, Romulus Costache, Hiep Van Le, Binh Thai Pham, Biswajeet Pradhan, John P. Tiefenbacher

30-06-2020 | Correction | Issue 9/2020

Correction to: Spatiotemporal Analysis of Water Balance Components and Their Projected Changes in Near-future Under Climate Change Over Sina Basin, India

Saswata Nandi, Janga Reddy Manne

01-07-2020 | Correction | Issue 9/2020

Correction to: On the Applicability of the Expected Waiting Time Method in Nonstationary Flood Design

Lei Yan, Lihua Xiong, Qinghua Luan, Cong Jiang, Kunxia Yu, Chong-Yu Xu

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