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Horiba Stars Vets

16-02-2021 | Mess- und Prüftechnik | Nachricht | Article

Horiba ergänzt Software Stars Vets um elektrische Antriebe

Horiba erweitert seine Software Stars Vets für Fahrzeug-Emissionsprüfungen. Die Automatisierungssoftware ermöglicht jetzt auch die Prüfung von voll- und hybridelektrischen Fahrzeugen und RDE-Testverfahren.

Apps Smartphone

25-02-2020 | Verwaltungsmanagement | Nachricht | Article

AusweisApp2 in neuer Version

Die AusweisApp2 des Bundes, die Bürgerinnen und Bürger im Internet für Verwaltungsvorgänge einsetzen können, ist Mitte Januar 2020 in einer neuen Version für Computer und Smartphones erschienen.

Geschäftsmann geht durch Tunnel aus Dokumenten

15-10-2019 | Verwaltungsmanagement | Nachricht | Article

Microsoft beherrscht die Bundesverwaltung

Digitale Souveränität? Fehlanzeige. Eine Marktanalyse zeigt, dass die Bundesverwaltung bei IT-Technologien von einzelnen Anbietern abhängig wird. Insbesondere von Microsoft.


Open Access 01-12-2023 | Research

Extremely boosted neural network for more accurate multi-stage Cyber attack prediction in cloud computing environment

There is an increase in cyberattacks directed at the network behind firewalls. An all-inclusive approach is proposed in this assessment to deal with the problem of identifying new, complicated threats and the appropriate countermeasures. In …

01-12-2023 | Original Article

Policy analysis and data mining tools for controlling COVID-19 policies

Much research has been done on the efficacy of vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic, but the claims have not yet been realized in the real world. This paper proposes three COVID-19 policy outcome analysis tools such as jpscore for scoring and …

Open Access 01-12-2023 | Research

A deep learning-based model using hybrid feature extraction approach for consumer sentiment analysis

There is an exponential growth in textual content generation every day in today's world. In-app messaging such as Telegram and WhatsApp, social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook, e-commerce websites like Amazon, Google searches, news …

Open Access 01-12-2023 | Research

Examining the importance of existing relationships for co-offending: a temporal network analysis in Bogotá, Colombia (2005–2018)

This study aims to improve our understanding of criminal accomplice selection by studying the evolution of co-offending networks—i.e., networks that connect those who commit crimes together. To this end, we tested four growth mechanisms …


2013 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Intelligent Interaction in Accessible Applications

Advances in artificial intelligence over the past decade, combined with increasingly affordable computing power, have made new approaches to accessibility possible. In this chapter we describe three ongoing projects in the Department of Computer Scie

2023 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Introducing Docker and Oracle

Over the past decade, we've witnessed a fundamental shift in how infrastructure is built, deployed, and run. The rise of reliability engineering is a response to systems' increasing complexity and scale. Without its tools and methods, managing and …

2023 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Installing Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop is available as a free download from . Linux users can install Docker Desktop or Docker Engine, a native environment for running Docker containers.

2023 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Understanding the Container Landscape

Containers have their own language, and those new to Docker should understand some basic concepts and terminology before jumping in. This chapter introduces the vocabulary needed to navigate the terrain and a high-level view of how containers …

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