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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks 7/2019

Issue 7/2019

Special Issue: Intelligent Communication Systems and Networks (MLICOM 2017)

Table of Contents ( 51 Articles )

19-10-2019 | Guest Editorial | Issue 7/2019

Intelligent communication systems and networks (MLICOM 2017)

Xuemai Gu

12-02-2018 | Issue 7/2019

An efficient data collection and load balance algorithm in wireless sensor networks

Danyang Qin, Ping Ji, Songxiang Yang, Teklu Merhawit Berhane

13-02-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Scale adaptive correlation tracking based on convolutional features

Wenjing Kang, Xinyou Li, Gongliang Liu, Shaobo Wang

17-02-2018 | Issue 7/2019

DNF-SC-PNC: a new physical-layer network coding scheme for two-way relay channels with asymmetric data length

Hongjuan Yang, Bo Li, Gongliang Liu, Xin Liu, Xiyuan Peng

05-03-2018 | Issue 7/2019

A deep learning method based on convolutional neural network for automatic modulation classification of wireless signals

Yu Xu, Dezhi Li, Zhenyong Wang, Qing Guo, Wei Xiang

14-02-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Licklider Transmission Protocol for GEO-Relayed Space Internetworking

Wenrui Zhang, Guannan Yang, Feng Jiang, Kanglian Zhao, Jian Wang, Wenfeng Li, Zijing Cheng

17-02-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Parameters estimation of precession cone target based on micro-Doppler spectrum

Aijun Liu, Gongliang Liu, Bo Li

11-12-2018 | Issue 7/2019

R-DRA: a replication-based distributed randomized algorithm for data dissemination in connected vehicular networks

Xiying Fan, Chuanhe Huang, Junyu Zhu, Bin Fu

10-12-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Incorporating diversity in cloud-computing: a novel paradigm and architecture for enhancing the performance of future cloud radio access networks

Ayodele Periola

15-12-2018 | Issue 7/2019

A secure routing protocol with regional partitioned clustering and Beta trust management in smart home

Zhen Hong, Qian Shao, Xiaojing Liao, Raheem Beyah

13-12-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Supporting QoS requirements provisions on 5G network slices using an efficient priority-based polling technique

Salman Ali AlQahtani, Abdulaziz Saud Altamrah

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Remaining bandwidth based multipath routing in 5G millimeter wave self-backhauling network

Zhongyu Ma, Bo Li, Zhongjiang Yan, Mao Yang

01-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Group mobility by cooperative communication for high speed railway

Meenakshi Munjal, Niraj Pratap Singh

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

On outage minimization in RF energy harvesting relay assisted bidirectional communication

Sutanu Ghosh, Tamaghna Acharya, Santi P. Maity

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

3D UAV placement and user association in software-defined cellular networks

Chunyu Pan, Changchuan Yin, Norman C. Beaulieu, Jian Yu

24-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Minimum cost event driven WSN with spatial differentiated QoS requirements

Debanjan Sadhukhan, Seela Veerabhadreswara Rao

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Analysis of optimal threshold selection for spectrum sensing in a cognitive radio network: an energy detection approach

Alok Kumar, Prabhat Thakur, Shweta Pandit, G. Singh

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Energy efficient reputation mechanism for defending different types of flooding attack

Sandhya Aneja, Preeti Nagrath, G. N. Purohit

04-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Machine learning based optimal renewable energy allocation in sustained wireless sensor networks

Amandeep Sharma, Ajay Kakkar

09-02-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Link state opportunistic routing for multihop wireless networks

Cédric Gueguen, Philippe Fabian, Xavier Lagrange

02-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Implementing IoT/WSN based smart Saskatchewan Healthcare System

Adeniyi Onasanya, Sari Lakkis, Maher Elshakankiri

30-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Trust-aware FuzzyClus-Fuzzy NB: intrusion detection scheme based on fuzzy clustering and Bayesian rule

Neenavath Veeraiah, B. Tirumala Krishna

12-02-2019 | Issue 7/2019

A probabilistic home-based routing scheme for delay tolerant networks

Abdullah Alhasanat, Mohanad Alhasanat, Saud Althunibat, Khaled Matrouk

11-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Resource and power allocation for achieving rate fairness in D2D communications overlaying cellular networks

Mohamed Elsherief, Mohamed Elwekeil, Mohammed Abd-Elnaby

16-01-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Auto-organization approach with adaptive frame periods for IEEE 802.15.4/zigbee forest fire detection system

Sofiane Ouni, Zayneb Trabelsi Ayoub, Farouk Kamoun

10-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Friendship-based cooperative jamming for secure communication in Poisson networks

Yuanyu Zhang, Yulong Shen, Xiaohong Jiang

30-04-2018 | Issue 7/2019

To overhear or not to overhear: a dilemma between network coding gain and energy consumption in multi-hop wireless networks

Nastooh Taheri Javan, Masoud Sabaei, Mehdi Dehghan

02-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

MLAMAN: a novel multi-level authentication model and protocol for preventing wormhole attack in mobile ad hoc network

Tu T. Vo, Ngoc T. Luong, Doan Hoang

24-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Computation offloading balance in small cell networks with mobile edge computing

Lei Chen, Xi Li, Hong Ji, Victor C. M. Leung

03-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

An enhanced distributed power control algorithm for mobile femtocells under limited dynamic range and its convergence

Sajjad Alizadeh, Reza Saadat

03-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

Cooperative Q-learning based channel selection for cognitive radio networks

Feten Slimeni, Zied Chtourou, Bart Scheers, Vincent Le Nir, Rabah Attia

03-05-2018 | Issue 7/2019

A QoS-aware congestion control mechanism for wireless multimedia sensor networks

Mohammad Alaei, Parisa Sabbagh, Fahimeh Yazdanpanah

03-06-2019 | Issue 7/2019

RECOD: reliable detection protocol for large-scale and dynamic continuous objects in wireless sensor networks

Yongbin Yim, Soochang Park, Euisin Lee, Ki-Dong Nam, Cheonyong Kim, Sang-Ha Kim

11-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

On the performance of wireless ad hoc networks using bandwidth partitioning

Mariam Kaynia, Chiara Buratti, Roberto Verdone

08-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Traffic-aware auto-configuration protocol for service oriented low-power and lossy networks in IoT

Ashraf Mahmoud, Mohammed Mahyoub, Tarek Sheltami, Marwan Abu-Amara

09-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Passive neighbor discovery with social recognition for mobile ad hoc social networking applications

Hao Ling, Siqian Yang

10-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Reducing computation time of a wireless resource scheduler by exploiting temporal channel characteristics

Mustafa Tekinay, Cory Beard

11-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Application research of game theory in cognitive radio spectrum allocation

Zhi-jun Teng, Lu-ying Xie, Hao-lei Chen, Li-xin Teng, Hong-biao Li

13-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

RFSMPF: Rank based forwarder selection in MCAST with fuzzy optimized path formation in wireless mesh network

S. Seetha, John Francis Sharmila Anand, E. Grace Mary Kanaga

13-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Accuracy and availability modeling of social networks for Internet of Things event detection applications

Meghdad Aynehband, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Houman Zarrabi, Saeed Gorgin

15-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Improvement of ID-based proxy re-signature scheme with pairing-free

Jianhong Zhang

19-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Design of routing protocol for multi-sink based wireless sensor networks

Sankar Mukherjee, Ruhul Amin, G. P. Biswas

22-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Hyper-power zero forcing detector for massive MIMO systems

Juan Minango, Celso de Almeida

23-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Bit error probability of the M-QAM scheme subject to multilevel (double) gated additive white Gaussian noise and Nakagami-m fading

Hugerles S. Silva, Marcelo S. Alencar, Wamberto J. L. Queiroz, Danilo B. T. Almeida, Francisco Madeiro

23-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Graphene based tunable and wideband terahertz antenna for wireless network communication

Subodh Kumar Tripathi, Mukesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar

05-08-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Enhancing throughput in multi-radio cognitive radio networks

Tanvir Ahmed Khan, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam

25-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

ESCBV: energy-efficient and secure communication using batch verification scheme for vehicle users

Trupil Limbasiya, Debasis Das

25-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

A markov model for investigating the impact of IEEE802.15.4 MAC layer parameters and number of clusters on the performance of wireless sensor networks

Hossein Hadaidian Nejad Yousefi, Yousef Seifi Kavian, Alimorad Mahmoudi

30-07-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Interference management in dense inband D2D network using spectral clustering & dynamic resource allocation

Shahrukh Khan Kasi, Ijaz Haider Naqvi, Mumraiz Khan Kasi, Faisal Yaseen

29-03-2019 | Correction | Issue 7/2019

Correction to: User interest community detection on social media using collaborative filtering

Liang Jiang, Leilei Shi, Lu Liu, Jingjing Yao, Muhammad Ali Yousuf

16-05-2019 | Correction | Issue 7/2019

Correction to: A new algorithm for optimization of quality of service in peer to peer wireless mesh networks

Mehdi Gheisari, Jafar Alzubi, Xiaobo Zhang, Utku Kose, Jose Antonio Marmolejo Saucedo

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